How Sweden Became Gangland Hell Ruled by Druglords
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Sweden has failed to integrate the vast numbers of immigrants it has taken in over the past two decades, leading to parallel societies and gang violence, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said.

In 2015, Swedes took immense pride in the country’s decision to accept 163,000 refugees, most from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. “My Europe takes in refugees,” Lofven said at the time. “My Europe doesn’t build walls.”

Now Sweden has become a gangland bloodbath plagued by executions, bomb attacks, and child soldiers rampaging the streets.

Even though Sweden has some of the “world’s strictest” gun control laws, it is faced with increasing gun-related violence because of illegal firearms smuggled in from countries in the western Balkans, according to a 2019 paper in the journal Forensic Sciences Research.

Innocent bystanders – including a 12-year-old girl – are being gunned down as a country that was once deemed peaceful and safe becomes a terrifying gangster paradise.

Police have been placed on standby ready to prevent brutal murders and explosions – and the country’s leaders are preparing to deploy the military.

As the conflict between gangs bleeds out of the inner circles and onto the streets, blameless teens are found dead near their family homes after being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Human lives and family homes are being ripped to shreds amid the ongoing gang warfare, as the country chillingly reaches the highest level of children prosecuted for murder since 2019.

Now, officials are facing a major challenge as they attempt to restore their country to the peaceful destination it once was.

Just two decades ago, Sweden had one of the lowest gun violence deaths per capita in Europe.

Now it is at the top of the league – with 2.5 times the European average.

Last year, more than 60 people died in shootings in Sweden – the highest on record, and this year is set to be the same or worse.

Sweden’s prime minister has been forced to summon the head of the armed forces to help curb the surge in gang killings – vowing to “hunt” down gangs and “defeat” them.

Gangs are hiring child assassins, “furnishing them with weapons” and giving them the addresses of targets, according to police chief Anders Thornberg.

Children have also been contacting the gangs themselves to offer their services as contract killers, he said.

Thornberg blasted the criminals as “ruthless”.

Sweden saw several fatal shootings last month alone – four in the city of Uppsala – two of them fatal – and two in Stockholm, where a 13-year-old boy lost his life.

Last year, 90 explosions and 101 attempted explosive attacks were recorded, according to Swedish police, and so far this year, more than 100 explosions have already been recorded.

On September 25, two powerful explosions ripped through residential buildings in Central Sweden, leaving three seriously injured.

Buildings were reduced to rubble, with bricks and window sections left spread outside.


Police chief Thornberg estimates at least 13,000 people are linked to Sweden’s criminal underworld.

And the individual at the top of the food chain is 37-year-old Rawa Majid – who is better known as the Kurdish Fox.

Majid was the head of Sweden’s most violent gang, Foxtrot, and was one of the country’s most wanted until he was arrested by Iranian police on October 9.

The notorious gangland leader was being pursued by cops after being accused of carrying out a spate of fatal bombings and shootings in Stockholm.

He had been on the run since 2020, sending police on a wild chase for the infamous criminal through Turkey, where he gained citizenship three years ago.

Majid was captured at the Turkey-Iran border.

The Swedish PM said he had unconfirmed “intelligence” that Majid had been detained on the long-awaited day of his arrest.

In 2023 alone, Foxtrot has been linked to a slew of deaths, including civilians caught in the crossfires of bloody turf wars usually carried out by boys as young as 13.

His gang’s terror is set to reign on, even with their boss behind bars.

Foxtrot and the Dalen gang – led by 25-year-old Mikael “The Greek” Tenezos – have been spreading fear across several cities in Sweden as they battle over shares of the country’s lucrative drug market.

The feud between the two gang leaders periodically cools off and heats back up again – sparking a seemingly never-ending run of violent crime connected to Foxtrot that involves teenagers.

Also hiding out in Turkey is Majid’s former second-in-command, 33-year-old convicted drug dealer Ismail Abdo.

He would often hide under the aliases Dr Phil and The Strawberry to help Majid control their criminal empire – through encrypted apps.

Official estimates suggest half of suspects are under 18 and three-quarters are under 21.

Convicted criminals under the age of 18 are sent to care homes or young offenders institutions, while those under 21 have their age taken into consideration – meaning significantly shorter sentences.

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  • News from Nonna says:

    Sicily has become the same way. The Western scum media refuses to report on the FACTS because they don’t want their delusional diversity scam exposes

  • Matt says:

    Import the third world, become a third world country! Not ‘rocket science’!!!!

    (You also forgot to mention that Sweden is now also officially the ‘Rape Capital of the World’ as a result of importing these animals!!)

  • Jerry says:

    ALL Muzzies, should have a “Bounty” on them !!!!!

  • hollyrae says:

    you cant put a evil regime and the lords nations into the same nation..this is the consequences of sin…they learn different ways of life…shame on our leaders…now start to deport them back to their nations….i don’t want to hear about the children, because they are taught by their parents and their so called islamic state.

  • SickofBS says:

    This is what happens when you invite “diversity” into your country without taking into account that the “diversification” will be seriously dangerous to your own citizens and your own country. It’s not like they weren’t warned, and it’s not like they couldn’t have seen that this would become if they didn’t lay down the law and arrest, deport or execute the vicious sub-humans who are doing these things. And anyone who thinks this can’t happen here is very much mistaken…The one big difference, and the thing that might save this country from unchecked immigrants from violent countries who hate America and Americans, is the fact that Americans are armed, and will be willing to use those guns for self defense.

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    Israeli hostage Sahar Baruch, 25, an engineering student who was abducted from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7, has been killed in Gaza — and the Hamas terrorist group is blaming Israel, saying that he was killed during an attempted rescue earlier this week.

    Kibbutz Be’eri was one of the hardest-hit communities in the October 7 terror attack by Hamas, with 100 people — roughly 10% of the population — murdered. Some of the killing was extremely brutal; homes were filled with blood.

    Hamas released a propaganda this week video showing a blood-soaked floor and staircase, suggesting a body having been dragged through a building, and then showing Baruch’s bloodied, battered body. Israeli sources confirmed his death, and the community of Kibbutz Be’eri said that Hamas itself had murdered Baruch in captivity.

    The Times of Israel reported:

    Amid the continued fighting, Kibbutz Be’eri announced that its resident Sahar Baruch, who was kidnapped and taken hostage in Gaza on October 7, had been murdered while in captivity.

    The statement did not detail how and when the 25-year-old died, but it came a day after Hamas released a propaganda video purporting to show his body.

    Baruch, a Ben-Gurion University engineering student was with his grandmother, Geula Bachar, as well as his brother, Idan Baruch, 20, a soldier in the IDF’s Education Corps.

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    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said this week that it had launched a rescue effort in which several Hamas terrorists were killed and two IDF soldiers were wounded. Hamas claimed that one IDF soldier had been wounded and one soldier had been killed in the effort. The IDF denied that a solder had been killed.

    Hamas has lied about the deaths of hostages before. Last month, it claimed that kidnapped IDF soldier Noa Marciano, 19, had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. After the IDF recovered her body near Shifa Hospital, it concluded that she had been murdered.

    Hamas has a clear motivation in claiming that a hostage was killed during a rescue attempt: it wishes to discourage such attempts, perhaps also hoping to play upon the strong public support within Israel for diplomatic efforts to release the hostages.

    The IDF has warned people not to circulate propaganda published by Hamas as part of its ongoing psychological warfare efforts.

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    Lula Warns Maduro as South America Nervously Eyes Guyana-Venezuela Row



    Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged his counterpart Nicolas Maduro Saturday against escalating Venezuela’s border row with neighboring Guyana, as South American leaders nervously monitored the deepening dispute.

    Tension has soared over the oil-rich Essequibo region controlled by Guyana since Maduro’s government held a controversial referendum last weekend in which 95 percent of voters supported declaring Venezuela its rightful owner, according to official results.

    Veteran leftist Lula, who has maintained close ties with Maduro, issued a clear warning in a phone call with his Venezuelan counterpart, according to a statement from his office.

    “Lula emphasized the importance of avoiding unilateral measures that could escalate the situation,” the Brazilian presidency said.

    It said Lula had told Maduro of fellow South American countries’ “growing concern,” citing a joint declaration Thursday by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay that called for “both parties to negotiate to seek a peaceful solution.”

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro also sent a warning.

    “The biggest misfortune that could hit South America would be a war,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

    “Reproducing a local version of the NATO/Russia conflict in the Amazon rainforest would just make us lose vital time, progress and life… Venezuela and Guyana need to de-escalate the conflict.”

    Calls for mediation

    Guyana has administered Essequibo, which makes up more than two-thirds of its territory, for more than a century.

    But Venezuela has claimed it for decades. The row intensified after ExxonMobil discovered oil in Essequibo in 2015, helping give Guyana — population 800,000 — the world’s biggest crude reserves per capita.

    Since last Sunday’s referendum, Maduro has started legal maneuvers to create a Venezuelan province in Essequibo and ordered the state oil company to issue licenses for extracting crude in the region.

    The United States meanwhile announced joint military exercises with Guyana, which Venezuela condemned as a “provocation.”

    The United Nations Security Council held a closed-door meeting Friday on the spiraling dispute, which is the subject of litigation before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

    Lula’s office said he had proposed in his conversation with Maduro for the head of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to contact both sides to set up talks.

    Lula has so far kept friendly ties with Maduro, inviting him to a South American summit in May even as other regional leaders criticized the Venezuelan government’s human rights record.

    But the Essequibo dispute is rife with risk for Brazil, which borders both Guyana and Venezuela.

    Brazil has sent army reinforcements to its northern border amid the surge in tension.

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    Elon Musk Considers Reinstating Alex Jones on X



    Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is considering reinstating Alex Jones on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

    “Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform? Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk, who owns X, said in a post on the platform Saturday.

    Musk’s post includes a poll on the question, with 1,316,007 votes so far: 70% yes, 30% no.

    The entrepreneur’s question and poll post appears to be a reversal of his previous words on the reinstatement of Jones to the platform. Last year, Musk responded mockingly to a user of the platform who asked if the controversial figure would be able to return to it.

    “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” Musk wrote in an initial tweet.

    When he was questioned further on the topic by another user, Musk gave a poignant response.

    “My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat,” Musk said. “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

    Jones has pushed a false conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, in which 20 children died, was a “false-flag” event created for the purpose of heightening support for gun control. He was permanently banned from X, then known as Twitter, back in 2018.

    “Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope,” Twitter Safety posted at the time.

    “We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts’ past violations.”

    Musk did not own X, then Twitter, in 2018, when Jones was removed. The tech entrepreneur purchased the company in October 2022.

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    WSJ Poll: Biden Job Approval Hits New Low, Trump Takes Lead in Hypothetical 2024 Matchup



    President Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low, as he also trials his top Republican challenger, former President Trump, in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll.

    The poll, published Saturday, found 37 percent of respondents approve of the job Biden is doing as president, while 61 percent of respondents think otherwise.

    When asked about a potential Biden-Trump 2024 rematch, 47 percent of respondents said they’ll cast their vote for Trump, while 43 percent of those surveyed said they’ll vote for Biden.

    Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump if the 2024 election were held today, while 31 percent of those surveyed said they would vote for Biden, according to the poll.

    Forty-nine percent of respondents said that Trump-implemented policies have helped them personally, while 37 percent of those surveyed said Trump-implemented policies have hurt them personally.

    In contrast, 53 percent of respondents said that Biden-implemented policies have hurt them personally, while 23 percent of those surveyed think otherwise, the poll said.

    The new poll comes as Trump, 77, is still seen as the leading front-runner in the GOP presidential primary field amid the slew of legal battles he’s currently facing.

    A Georgia grand jury indicted Trump, along with 18 of his allies, in August on charges tied to efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Trump, who announced his third presidential campaign last November, has been hit with three other indictments this year relating to his business dealings, handling of classified documents and actions following the 2020 election.

    Biden announced plans earlier this year to run for reelection in 2024, amid weeks of speculation. Biden defeated Trump in the 2020 election.

    The Wall Street Journal poll was conducted from November 29 to December 4 with a total of 1,500 respondents participating in the survey. The poll’s margin of error was 2.5 percentage points.

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    Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Woman from Emergency Abortion



    The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a lower court ruling that would allow a Texas woman to circumvent the state’s abortion ban and receive the procedure without consequence after it was discovered the baby has a fatal health condition.

    A state court approved a request from Kate Cox on Friday to obtain an abortion despite the state’s strict restrictions, citing severe health complications for both her and the baby. However, that decision was challenged by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton just hours later, who requested the state Supreme Court to block the ruling and halt Cox from having an abortion.

    “Each hour [the ruling] remains in place is an hour that Plaintiffs believe themselves free to perform and procure an elective abortion,” Paxton wrote in his challenge. “Nothing can restore the unborn child’s life that will be lost as a result. Post hoc enforcement is no substitute, so time is of the essence.”

    Current state law in Texas bans abortions at any point in a pregnancy with narrow exceptions to protect the health and life of a pregnant woman. Cox initially sought an abortion after her baby was diagnosed with trisomy 18, a fatal health condition, which has caused Cox to be treated in the emergency room several times throughout her pregnancy for pain.

    The exception in Texas state law stipulates that if a woman qualifies for an abortion, any medical personnel who assist in the procedure are exempt from prosecution. However, the law’s language is vague, which has caused several doctors to say they are unwilling to perform the procedures in order to avoid punishment.

    Paxton issued a separate letter in response to the lower court’s temporary restraining order that directly alludes to that exception, threatening to prosecute any doctor or medical personnel who assist in carrying out Cox’s abortion even with the lower court’s approval.

    “The [temporary restraining order] will not insulate you, or anyone else, from civil and criminal liability for violating Texas’ abortion laws,” Paxton wrote to three area hospitals where Dr. Damla Karsan, who intended to perform the procedure, has physician privileges.

    Paxton argued the lower court ruling is invalid because decisions on patient eligibility and whether a case could be used as an exception to state law should be left to hospitals rather than courts. The attorney general also accused Karsan of failing to follow the hospital’s procedures to determine whether Cox qualifies for the medical exceptions to receive an abortion under Texas state law as the doctor allegedly did not receive a second opinion from another medical professional.

    “Nothing in the TRO compels you to waive your hospital’s long-standing policies for determining whether a patient, including Ms. Cox, qualifies for the medical exception to Texas’ abortion laws,” he wrote.

    The Texas Supreme Court responded to Paxton’s request by temporarily stopping the lower court’s decision until its judges can issue a final ruling. The ruling would only apply to Cox and her current pregnancy and would not set a precedent for future challenges to the state abortion ban.

    Abortion-rights advocates have pushed back on Paxton’s legal challenges, lamenting that any delay in the court’s decision could result in severe health complications for Cox.

    “While we still hope that the Court ultimately rejects the state’s request and does so quickly, in this case we fear that justice delayed will be justice denied,” said Molly Duane, senior staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed the lawsuit on Cox’s behalf earlier this week. “We are talking about urgent medical care. Kate is already 20 weeks pregnant. This is why people should not need to beg for healthcare in a court of law.”

    A decision in the case could come as soon as this weekend, and it sets the stage for what could become a larger legal battle if the abortion is denied.

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    Woman Who Tried to Burn Down MLK’s Childhood Home Identified as Decorated Navy Veteran



    A female military veteran who tried to burn down Martin Luther King’s childhood home by pouring gasoline over the front porch has been identified.

    Laneisha Henderson, 26, has been pictured for the first time since she was prevented from torching the historic building by tourists visiting the landmark.

    The decorated navy veteran from Brandon, Florida, has been charged with attempted arson and interfering with government property over the incident following her arrest on Thursday.

    She was also seen trying to yank the screen door off the front of the property, which was built in 1895 and was MLK Jr’s home until he was 12.

    She was prevented from setting the Atlanta home ablaze by bystanders who saw her dousing the property’s windows in gasoline.

    Henderson’s Facebook page states she is from Atlanta and lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

    The Eufala High School graduate enlisted in the Navy for four years and was given medals for good conduct, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

    Passing tourists intervened once they saw Henderson try to ignite a lighter on the lawn, with two visiting cops from New York ultimately restraining her.

    Eyewitness Zach Kempf, 43, who was visiting the federal landmark from Salt Lake City, was among those who stepped in.

    Kempf said the woman had a ‘nervous energy’ about her, adding: ‘But she wasn’t aggressive.’

    He added ‘Obviously, the house is so important, and I’m really glad nothing happened to it. But I feel like now I’m mostly just concerned for her well-being.’

    The woman is then said to have relented in her attempts to burn the home and started to walk away.

    The off-duty officers restrained her, with another part of the video shared showing the woman with a knee on her back.

    Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said the Good Samaritans had helped ‘save an important part of American history tonight.’

    Shortly after her arrest, the woman’s father and sisters arrived at the scene. They said that they had been trying to track her down because they were worried about her and found her through a tracking app on her phone.

    Henderson’s dad told WSB-TV that she had been missing for two days and was mentally distressed.

    The home is located in Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn section and is undergoing renovations and is closed to the public until 2025.

    Atlanta Fire Department Battalion Chief Jerry DeBerry echoed the police chief’s words, saying that if the witnesses any longer, the home could have been lost forever.

    ‘It could have been a matter of seconds before the house was engulfed in flames,’ DeBerry said.

    ‘Tonight, an unfortunate incident occurred at the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as an individual attempted to set fire to this historic property. Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful, thanks to the brave intervention of good Samaritans and the quick response of law enforcement,’ the King Center said in a statement.

    ‘We thank the Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta Fire Department, the National Parks Service, and Mayor Andre Dickens for leading the efforts to ensure the safety of our cherished national landmark and its adjacent neighbors. Our prayers are with the individual who allegedly committed this criminal act,’ the press release continued.

    Congress declared the home a National Historic Site in 1980, and the National Park Service began offering tours.

    Judy Forte, the Superintendent of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park, said the organization is looking at increased security measures following the incident.

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    Finally! Deadspin Updates Story After Accusing Young Chiefs Fan of “Blackface”



    Deadspin updated a recent story that accused a young Kansas City Chiefs fan of wearing “blackface” — after he painted his face half red and half black for the team’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders — following threat of legal action.

    The sports outlet’s new headline reads, “The NFL Must Ban Native Headdress And Culturally Insensitive Face Paint in the Stands” and includes an image of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The original story had a photo of the young football fan, Holden Armenta, wearing a traditional headdress and only one side of the boy’s face-the black side. The original headline read, “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress.”

    The new version of the piece also removed the reporter’s claim that the Chiefs’ fan “found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.”

    An editor’s note was included at the top of the piece that reads, “On Nov. 27, Deadspin published an opinion piece criticizing the NFL for allowing a young fan to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Nov. 26 wearing a traditional Native American headdress and, based upon the available photo, what appeared to be black face paint.”

    “Unfortunately the article drew attention to the fan, though our intended focus was on the NFL and its checkered history on race, an issue which our writer has covered extensively for Deadspin,” the note added. “Three years ago, the Chiefs banned fans from wearing headdresses in Arrowhead Stadium, as well as face painting that ‘appropriates American Indian cultures and traditions.’ The story’s intended focus was the NFL and its failure to extend those rules to the entire league.”

    “We regret any suggestion that we were attacking the fan,” the note continued. “To that end, our story was updated on Dec. 7 to remove any photos, tweets, links, or otherwise identifying information about the fan. We have also revised the headline to better reflect the substance of the story.”

    Holden’s parents, Shannon and Raul ‘Bubba,’ hired an attorney to demand a retraction of the story and threatened further action against the author Carron J. Phillips, Deadspin, G/O Media, and Great Hill Partners, as previously reported.

    In a letter obtained by News Nation, the Armentas wrote that, “These articles, posts on X and photos about Holden and his parents must be retracted immediately.”

    “It is not enough to quietly remove a tweet from X or disable the article from Deadspin’s website,” the letter added. “You must publish your retractions and issue an apology to my clients with the same prominence and fanfare with which you defamed them.”

    Holden is from an American Indian family, and his grandfather is on the board of the Chumash tribe in Santa Ynez, California, according to The Post Millennial.

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    Man Gets 8 Years in Prison for Racial Slurs Against Neighbor



    A New Jersey man who unleashed a racially charged viral rant and spat at his neighbors sobbed in court Friday as he was sentenced to a lengthy stay in prison, apologizing for his “insensitive and disrespectful words.”

    Edward Cagney Mathews, 47, will be mandated to serve four years of an eight-year sentence for pleading guilty to four counts of bias intimidation as well as possession of a controlled, dangerous substance with intent to distribute, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Superior Court Judge Gerard H. Breland made the ruling on Friday after a tearful Mathews spent the last two and a half years locked up in jail.

    “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future,” he said in his statement to the court while shackled and handcuffed. “I want to commit to rebuild the community.”

    During his statement, Mathew apologized to the victims for his “insensitive and disrespectful words in the past.”

    Mathews sparked outrage when he hurled racial slurs at his black neighbor in his Mount Laural community following a dispute with his condo complex’s homeowners’ association in July 2021, Philly Voice reported.

    Mathews was captured on footage referring to the neighbor as a “monkey” and a “n—-r” while bumping his chest and spitting on the man during the altercation.

    During his racist tirade, Mathews challenged his neighbors “to come see me” and gave out his address.

    The Mount Laurel Police Department began its investigation into the incident, first filing a harassment complaint against Mathews.

    Officers then received a call a short time after filing the complaint that Mathews was using racial slurs against several other residents and needed to be removed from the area.

    The video of the altercation went viral, resulting in hundreds of people flocking to his home, chanting his name, and calling for his arrest.

    Mathews, who worked as a construction foreman, was taken into custody on July 5, 2021, after the protesters surrounded his townhome, located about 17 miles east of Philadelphia.

    Following a more thorough investigation, prosecutors found that multiple complaints had been filed with Mount Laurel police about Mathews over five years before his arrest.

    Before his sentencing, Assistant County Prosecutor Jamie Hutchinson read victim impact statements from four current or former Mount Laurel condominium association residents, according to the outlet.

    “The actions of what he did will forever stay a nightmare of the fear and anxiety he bestowed upon me,” Mathews’ former neighbor Denise Brown wrote in a statement. “I’m constantly looking over my shoulder and trusting no one.”

    Authorities also revealed Mathews frequently called his black neighbors “monkeys,” put feces on their property, sent threatening emails and letters, and shot their cars with BB pellets before his arrest.

    The outlet reported Mathews claimed he was drunk during his verbal assault.

    The claim was backed up by his now ex-wife, Shannon Schwartzhoff, who told the Daily Mail in 2021 that her former husband had “a lot of his best friends are black.”

    “He was drunk,” she told the outlet. “He has been having a lot of problems in the neighborhood with the Home Owners’ Association. There’s been some money gone missing and he is trying to stop that.”

    Schwartzhoff has since filed for divorce and sold their townhome.

    Mathews will be credited for the 886 days he has already served and will be eligible for parole in 16 months, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Judge Breland also ordered Mathews to pay $4,408 in restitution and undergo racial sensitivity training in prison.

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    RNC Announces It Won’t Hold Future 2024 GOP Primary Debates



    The Republican National Committee is pausing its participation in 2024 GOP primary debates, the organization decided Friday.

    The RNC’s decision, made by a 16-member internal body, means that any forthcoming debates will be hosted by networks independently of the committee. Two outlets — ABC and CNN — have announced plans to host future debates in Iowa and New Hampshire ahead of early state voting. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis already said he will attend CNN’s planned Iowa debate before next month’s caucuses and ABC’s planned New Hampshire debate.

    “We have held four successful debates across the country with the most conservative partners in the history of a Republican primary. We have no RNC debates scheduled in January and any debates currently scheduled are not affiliated with the RNC,” the RNC’s Committee on Presidential Debates said in a statement. “It is now time for Republican primary voters to decide who will be our next President and candidates are free to use any forum or format to communicate to voters as they see fit.”

    The first of the committee’s four Republican primary debates was televised on Fox News in August. Since the first event, the committee has raised the thresholds for fundraising and polling that candidates need to qualify.

    The RNC-established benchmarks have helped to winnow the field. While eight candidates participated in the August debate, only four took the stage at Wednesday’s showdown in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: DeSantis, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    The field is considerably smaller at this point than during the last seriously contested GOP primary in 2016, when going into January of that year there were still 12 candidates appearing in debates.

    Former President Donald Trump has refused to participate in any of the RNC-sponsored debates. He has aggressively pressured RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to forgo hosting debates, arguing that he has a wide lead in the polls and that the committee should be focused on preparing for the general election.

    The committee has also faced pressure from Trump’s lower-polling rivals, who argued that the party should allow candidates to participate in an array of forums and debates without penalty. The candidates each signed an RNC pledge earlier this year that they would not take part in any debate that was not sanctioned by the RNC.

    Without the centralized organizing mechanism the RNC provided, media companies will now be responsible for hosting future debates. It is an arrangement that comes with pitfalls, as is already apparent.

    After CNN on Thursday evening announced plans to host a Jan. 21 debate at New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm College, just three days after Saint Anselm had already announced that it will be hosting a debate with ABC News on Jan. 18. Neil Levesque, the executive director of the college’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics, on Friday morning wrote on X: “We were surprised to be included on a press release by a network about a debate which we had not planned or booked.”

    Reached for comment on Friday, a CNN spokesperson stood by their plans with the college saying in a statement: “We can’t speak to any miscommunication within Saint Anselm, but we are moving forward with our plans to host a debate in New Hampshire on January 21.”

    Media outlets will determine qualification thresholds, not the RNC. CNN has said that candidates must poll at 10 percent in approved national and early-state surveys. ABC News has yet to announce its benchmarks.

    Debate viewership has fallen since the first one. 4.1 million people tuned into Wednesday’s debate on NewsNation.

    Trump is highly unlikely to participate in any future debates, aides say.

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    Ryan O’Neal, Love Story and Paper Moon Star, Dies at 82



    Ryan O’Neal, the prolific, Oscar-nominated actor for his role in 1970’s “Love Story” and two-time Golden Globe nominee, has died. He was 82.

    His son, 56-year-old actor Patrick O’Neal, confirmed the news on his Instagram account Friday.

    “So this is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to say but here we go. My dad passed away peacefully today, with his loving team by his side supporting him and loving him as he would us,” he wrote.

    “My father Ryan O’Neal has always been my hero. I looked up to him and he was always bigger than life,” he continued. “As a human being, my father was as generous as they come. And the funniest person in any room. And the most handsome clearly, but also the most charming. Lethal combo. He loved to make people laugh. It’s pretty much his goal. Didn’t matter the situation, if there was a joke to be found, he nailed it. He really wanted us laughing. And we did all laugh. Every time. We had fun. Fun in the sun.”

    “As my father, he was second to none. The best and most loving and supportive dad, and I am just so lucky to have had him,” he continued. “We loved playing/watching sports together. Some great frisbee throws on the beach that would last all weekend long. For years. That was our bond.”

    O’Neal was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001 and with prostate cancer in 2012. He initially stated it was Stage 4 cancer before later clarifying it was Stage 2. He underwent back surgery in 2017 and famously suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse over the years. His cause of death is still unknown.

    Born Charles Patrick Ryan O’Neal in LA on April 20, 1941, O’Neal was the son of actress Patricia Ruth Olga and novelist/screenwriter Charles O’Neal.

    Before he got into acting, O’Neal trained to become a professional boxer, competing in two Golden Gloves championships in LA in the 1950s. His amateur fighting record is 18 wins to four losses, with 13 knockouts.

    His family moved to Germany for his dad’s job when O’Neal was in high school. He struggled at his new Munich school, so he became an extra and stuntman on a local show, sparking his interest in acting.

    O’Neal returned to the States to pursue performing and landed several roles on TV shows, including “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,” “The Untouchables,” “Leave It To Beaver” and “The Virginian.” He regularly appeared on NBC’s Western series “Empire” from 1962 to 1963.

    His first big acting break came in 1964 as Rodney Harrington in the TV drama “Peyton Place.” That led to several movie credits, including his first leading film role in 1969’s “The Big Bounce.”

    O’Neal became a household name when he starred in 1970’s “Love Story” opposite Ali MacGraw. He earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role playing Oliver, who made us believe that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

    “We didn’t have to build chemistry,” O’Neal told the Hollywood Reporter in 2000 in celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary. “It was there, built in.”

    The film went on to earn $136.4 million globally ($915.7 million today) and garnered seven total Oscar nominations.

    “Knowing very well the events that were going on in the world — anti-Vietnam and worrying about all kinds of stuff — I think people may have been ready for something sentimental,” added MacGraw.

    O’Neal also starred in the third highest grossing film in 1972, “What’s Up, Doc?,” opposite Barbra Streisand.

    “I learned more about comedy from Barbara than anyone,” he told The Hollywood Reporter 50 years after the film debuted. “I only wish Peter was here to celebrate the 50th year with us. May he rest in peace.”

    His other notable works include “Paper Moon,” “Barry Lyndon,” “A Bridge Too Far” and “The Main Event.”

    O’Neal’s final TV appearances came on 24 episodes of “Bones,” ending in 2017. He and his only daughter, Tatum O’Neal, also invited cameras to watch as they tried to repair their father/daughter relationship on “Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals” in 2011.

    His final film, a horror movie titled “The Waste Lands,” is in development, according to IMDb.

    O’Neal was also well-known for his high-profile romances. He was married to Joanna Moore from 1963 to 1967. They had two children: Tatum and Griffin. He wed Leigh-Taylor Young in 1967, and they had a son, Patrick. The couple divorced in 1971.

    He and Farrah Fawcett, meanwhile, famously had a tumultuous on-and-off relationship, first from 1979 to 1997, and then from 2001 until her death in 2009. They had one son together, Redmond, now 35, in 1985. They never married.

    The relationship between O’Neal and the “Charlie’s Angels” actress was reportedly ruined by his infidelity and hot temper. The couple called it quits the first time after Fawcett found O’Neal in bed with actress Leslie Stefanson.

    “I got married at 21, and I was not a real mature 21,” O’Neal told Vanity Fair in 2009 about his cheating ways. “My first child was born when I was 22. I was a man’s man; I didn’t discover women until I was married, and then it was too late.”

    The late actor often made headlines for his troubled relationship with Fawcett and his estrangement from his children.

    His drug abuse caused a rift from his three oldest kids for several years. Tatum and Griffin have spoken about how O’Neal’s struggles affected their family, and Griffin even claimed that his dad gave him cocaine when he was 11 and “insisted” he take it.

    “He was a very abusive, narcissistic psychopath. He gets so mad he can’t control anything he’s doing,” Griffin added in Vanity Fair.

    “I’m a hopeless father. I don’t know why,” O’Neal admitted to the mag in 2009. “I don’t think I was supposed to be a father. Just look around at my work — they’re either in jail or they should be.”

    “I have nice grandchildren, though,” he added.

    O’Neal was arrested in 2007 for shooting at Griffin, which he claimed was self-defense. The charges were dropped, but O’Neal still refused to let Griffin attend Fawcett’s 2009 funeral after she died on June 25, 2009, at age 62 of anal cancer.

    “I came from a not-so-nice kind of a world,” Griffin said of Fawcett on “Larry King Live” that same year. “We were a kind of a battling and kind of crazy family. And she was so nice … And the crazy, sad part was that she stayed nice all the way to the end.”

    “It broke my heart when I was not allowed in to say goodbye to her.”

    Ten years after the death of Fawcett, O’Neal reflected on his longtime love to People. “There was never a day I didn’t love her,” he said.

    A few weeks before she died, O’Neal proposed to her.

    “He never left her side, especially those last few months,” Fawcett’s close friend Alana Stewart said at the time. “I think they would’ve married if she had made it because he asked her to marry him in the hospital and she said yes. But she took a turn for the worse. This was just a few weeks before the end, so perhaps it wasn’t realistic. The two of them had a deep bond and deep love. No matter what they went through, the ups and downs, he was the one she wanted by her side.”

    O’Neal famously hit on Tatum by accident at the funeral.

    “I had just put the casket in the hearse and I was watching it drive away when a beautiful blonde woman comes up and embraces me … I said to her, ‘You have a drink on you? You have a car?’ She said ‘Daddy, it’s me — Tatum!’ I was just trying to be funny with a strange Swedish woman, and it’s my daughter. It’s so sick,” O’Neal recalled to Vanity Fair.

    “That’s our relationship in a nutshell,” Tatum explained to the publication. “You make of it what you will. It had been a few years since we’d seen each other and he was always a ladies’ man, a bon vivant.”

    Griffin and Tatum both struggled with drug addiction but have since gotten their lives back on a healthy track. Tatum wrote in her 2001 memoir, “A Paper Life,” that the children’s troubled ways developed from their father’s mental and physical abuse in their youth.

    “When your parents are off getting drunk or high, they are not watching what happens to their children. I suffered years of abuse, both emotional and sexual,” she said of O’Neal and Moore.

    O’Neal and Redmond, meanwhile, were arrested for possession of what authorities believed to be methamphetamine at the actor’s Malibu home in 2008. They were held and released at a local sheriff’s station after each posting $10,000 bonds.

    Redmond is in the Patton State Psychiatric Hospital in San Bernardino after a string of charges in Southern California in 2018, according to online court records.

    In May 2018, he allegedly attacked and stabbed five men in unprovoked confrontations, leaving one in a pool of blood. Days later, he was arrested for attempted murder, robbery, assault and drug possession for allegedly robbing a 7-11 store at knifepoint.

    He, too, blamed his parents for his troubles in a 2018 interview with RadarOnline from jail.

    “It’s not the drugs that have been a problem, it’s the psychological trauma of my entire life — my whole life experiences have affected me the most,” he insisted.

    “Fighting with my father, being kicked out and living on the streets, going to jail, being put in a psychiatric ward, being embarrassed all the time, just because of who my parents are.”

    “The pressure that came with that set off a time-bomb in my head. I never asked for any of this, I never wanted any attention,” Redmond told the outlet.

    O’Neal turned 82 on April 20. Tatum and Patrick shared separate photos celebrating with their dad via Instagram.

    “Happy birthday dad I love you,” Tatum wrote. Patrick, for his part, wrote: “Honor and a privilege to share time with my dad on his 82nd birthday. 4/20 whoop whoop!!”

    O’Neal is survived by his four children and five grandchildren.

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    Whistleblower Exposes Pentagon Involvement in Domestic Censorship Program



    A whistleblower has reportedly brought to light startling revelations about the Pentagon’s involvement in a domestic censorship program, as detailed in newly disclosed files from the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL).

    Public reports that according to a whistleblower’s files, the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL), previously thought to be an independent entity, was heavily influenced by government and military personnel. This involvement is far more extensive than previously known, as evidenced by Slack messages and other internal communications.

    The CTIL Slack channels, specifically those tagged for “disinformation” and “law enforcement escalation,” reportedly included current and former FBI employees, Michigan Cyber Command Center personnel, members of the US Defense Digital Service (DDS), and representatives from at least one European government. The DDS, headquartered at the Pentagon and established in 2015, has been particularly highlighted for its role in these operations.

    According to Public, the latest whistleblower files from CTIL reveal that the organization worked with both governments and social media companies to censor Americans:

    The new whistleblower’s files provide insight into the group’s inner workings, which Terp described as a “parallel effort.” Neither we nor the whistleblower know what the “parallel effort” refers to.

    In these new files, Eric Brogdon, a cybersecurity director for a private firm, and others appear to have attempted to interfere with physical gatherings, with Brogdon implying that he had the ability to get social media users suspended. When one member shared news about a call for anti-lockdown protests, Brogdon responded, “Let me see if I can get the Facebook user suspended.”

    This is the second report on CTIL published by Public. As Breitbart News previously reported:

    The CTIL documents fill gaps left by previous disclosures, painting a detailed portrait of the so-called “Censorship Industrial Complex.” This network, comprising over 100 government agencies and NGOs, has been instrumental in pushing for censorship on social media platforms and spreading targeted propaganda. The documents include detailed accounts of digital censorship programs, military and intelligence community involvement, partnerships with civil society organizations and media, and the deployment of covert techniques like sock puppet accounts.

    The whistleblower’s revelations highlight the pivotal role of CTIL in the creation and expansion of the Censorship Industrial Complex. Spearheaded by Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp, a former UK defense researcher, and others, CTIL developed a comprehensive censorship framework in 2019. This framework was later adopted by various governmental and non-governmental organizations, including DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

    The Department of Defense, in a public statement, mentioned the merging of DDS with other agencies into the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) in 2022. They claimed CDAO currently has no involvement with CTIL activities, nor awareness of past projects that predate the merger.

    A DOD spokesperson stated: “DDS merged with three other organizations to form the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) back in Feb 2022. CDAO is not currently involved with CTI and we do not have situational awareness on project participation which predated that merger.”

    The CTIL’s activities, allegedly aimed at cybersecurity and protecting healthcare systems, have also come under scrutiny, with whistleblower accounts suggesting that the CTIL’s primary function overlapped significantly with other cybersecurity services.

    Key individuals have been identified in the whistleblower’s files, including Justin Frappier of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), who expressed enthusiasm for anti-disinformation efforts within the group. The involvement of government employees in these activities suggests a concerted effort to leverage CTIL for broader objectives than previously disclosed.

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    Kevin McCarthy Endorses Trump for President in 2024



    Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said he is endorsing former President Trump for reelection in 2024, weighing in after months of not formally declaring support for a candidate.

    McCarthy said in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” that will air on Sunday that he expects Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024 and that he will support him.

    “I will support the president. I will support President Trump,” McCarthy said.

    He said he also expects that if President Biden is the Democratic nominee, Trump will win reelection and Republicans will increase their number of seats in the House and win control of the Senate next year.

    Robert Costa, CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent, asked McCarthy in the interview if he would be willing to serve in a Cabinet for Trump, which McCarthy replied that he would.

    “In the right position. Look, if I’m the best person for the job, yes. I worked with President Trump on a lot of policies. We worked together to win the majority, but we also have a relationship where we’re very honest with one another,” McCarthy said.

    McCarthy’s endorsement comes after the former Speaker announced on Wednesday that he will leave his House seat by the end of the year “to serve America in new ways.” He vowed in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal to “continue to recruit our country’s best and brightest to run for elected office.”

    “The Republican Party is expanding every day, and I am committed to lending my experience to support the next generation of leaders,” he said.

    McCarthy became the first House Speaker to be removed in the history of the chamber in October, holding the speaker’s gavel for about nine months. Speculation arose after McCarthy’s removal whether he would run for reelection to his seat that he has held since 2007 or possibly resign.

    Trump and McCarthy still reportedly had tense moments, including during McCarthy’s ouster. The Washington Post reported last week that McCarthy cursed at Trump after the former president refused to intervene and denounce removing him.

    The Post reported that Trump’s frustrations with McCarthy included McCarthy not endorsing him and the House not voting to expunge his two impeachments.

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    Megyn Kelly: Trump Has Lost “Multiple Steps” Mentally



    Megyn Kelly said that former President Donald Trump has lost “multiple steps” mentally during a recent appearance on Glenn Beck‘s show, rejecting his excuses for recent misstatements.

    “Do you think that Donald Trump has faded from where he was in 2020?” asked Beck.

    “Yeah, I do,” replied Kelly. “I mean, I’d take him over Joe Biden any day of the week. I don’t think he’s going to, you know, fill out this term, never mind a second. But there’s no question Trump has lost a step- or multiple steps.”

    She continued:

    He is confusing Joe Biden for [Barack] Obama. I know he’s now saying he intentionally did that; go back and look at the clips. It wasn’t intentional, it was very- Look, any of us could have a slip of the tongue, but it’s happening to him repeatedly. The reference about how somebody is going to get us into World War Two, confusing countries, confusing cities where he is, and it’s happening more and more.

    With all due respect to Trump: This is what happens when you’re 77-years-old. Trump seems inhuman, but he’s not inhuman. He’s a human. He’s a man. DeSantis’s line about Father Time spares no one was a good one. So, look, if it’s between Trump and Biden, I don’t think there’s any question who’s more fit and more capable. But are we really going to pretend that Donald Trump is just as vibrant and mentally sharp as he was in ’16?

    The former president has insisted that the misstatements were not mistakes at all, and that he was calling Biden by his old boss’s name “sarcastically.”

    “Whenever I sarcastically insert the name Obama for Biden as an indication that others may actually be having a very big influence in running our Country, Ron DeSanctimonious and his failing campaign apparatus, together with the Democrat’s Radical Left ‘Disinformation Machine,’ go wild saying that ‘Trump doesn’t know the name of our President, (CROOKED!) Joe Biden. He must be cognitively impaired,’ wrote Trump on Truth Social.

    “No, I know both names very well, never mix them up, and know that they are destroying our Country. Also, and as reported, I just took a cognitive test as part of my Physical Exam, and ACED it. Also ACED (a perfect score!) one taken while in the White House.”


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    Hunter Biden: Republican “Motherf—ers” Are “Trying to Kill Me”



    Hunter Biden held nothing back during a recent podcast appearance, blasting his critics as “motherf—ers,” and casting himself as a victim while claiming Republicans were trying to kill him in order to destroy his dad’s presidency.

    The podcast episode of Moby Pod was published Friday, and was recorded in Hunter’s art studio in San Francisco. The more than an hour-long discussion eventually turned to Biden’s recovery from drug addiction and how he openly shared details of his struggles in his memoir, “Beautiful Things.”

    Podcast co-host Lindsay Hicks told Biden there was “real beauty” in how “vulnerable” he was in the memoir by sharing many intimate details of his addiction. She noted that others may read it and feel that they don’t have to be ashamed of their secrets.

    “That’s the one thing — one of the reasons why I’m going to survive this — and I’m going to survive it clean and sober — is because I am not going to let these motherf—-ers use me as just another example of why people in recovery are never going to be okay, never to be trusted, they’re all degenerates. I’m just not going to let that happen. I’m just not going to let it happen,” Biden said.

    He went on to agree with the hosts’ opinion that people targeting Hunter, specifically Republicans, were addicted to inflicting their own hurt on other people.

    “I absolutely am positive of that. If you can’t look at some of these people like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Paul Gosar and see someone that have been bullied, that are just absolutely suffering— They’re suffering people. And that doesn’t excuse the things that they have done to others and to me, but you see people that are in anguish. They’re not healthy people,” Biden said.

    He claimed that those going after him were trying to end his life with the ultimate goal of hurting his father, President Biden.

    “They are trying to destroy a presidency. And so, it’s not about me. In their most base way, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to kill me, knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle. And so, therefore, destroying a presidency in that way,” he said.

    “These people are just sad, very, very sick people, that have most likely just faced traumas in their lives that they have decided they’re going to turn into an evil that they decided they’re going to inflict on the rest of the world,” he added.

    Biden went on to blame former President Donald Trump for the “underlying sickness” facing the country, claiming he “gave voice” to feelings of rage, and making it okay to express that.

    He later dismissed the idea of the “Biden Crime Family,” arguing that any claims of corruption within his family were refuted by the decades his family had been in the public light.

    “Think about this, okay? My dad has been a senator since I was two years old. He has released decades-worth of his tax returns. He has lived in the public light. We have lived in the public light. We have gone through four presidential campaigns. My entire life has been before the public. It took until, oh, low and behold, Donald Trump figured out that somehow this is a criminal enterprise,” he joked.

    Biden was indicted Thursday in California on nine federal charges related to allegedly failing to pay taxes over a period of four years.

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    Republican Congressman Confronted Ex-Aide After Threat to Expose Daughter’s OnlyFans Account



    The Republican congressman who was caught on camera at a holiday party in Washington, D.C. shouting at a former staffer said he did so because the aide had tried to expose his 27-year old daughter’s OnlyFans account.

    Rep. Brandon Williams, who represents upstate New York, jabbed his finger toward former Chief of Staff Michael Gordon in a heated confrontation outside the International Spy Museum, during a festive gathering hosted by a lobbying firm.

    Williams told Gordon, ‘You f*** with my family, I’ll end every relationship you have.’

    The lawmaker told Politico Friday that two former staffers, Gordon and Ryan Sweeney, who had served as his legislative director, threatened to out his daughter as having an OnlyFans account – where users can produce sexually explicit material – after Williams fired them.

    Gordon was ‘trying to exert some leverage over me,’ Williams said, ‘and I just simply won’t allow that to happen.’

    Williams said that it was Sweeney who filmed his confrontation with Gordon.

    Afterward Sweeney told his ex-boss: ‘Hey, f*** you! Guess what, b****? All I have to do is pay $7 to watch your daughter shove her phone up her p****!’

    Gordon told Politico that ‘the allegations Congressman Williams has levied against me are categorically false’ and declined to comment futher.

    Sweeney also denied the allegations, telling Politico they are ‘completely false.’

    In the video, Gordon told Williams, ‘I didn’t do anything.’

    Williams then pressed closer to Gordon and yelled, ‘Do you understand me? You think I don’t know?’

    A spokesperson for Williams initially responded to the release of the video, which was by a student journalist at Syracuse, by saying that the fired aides ‘made rude comments about the female members of the Congressman’s family.’

    ‘These individuals planted stories with the media and one of them physically shoved the Congressman at a holiday event (edited from the video),’ the spokesperson said. ‘As a former nuclear submarine officer known for his temperament and poise, tonight should be a lesson to all, never go after this Navy Nuke’s family.’

    Speaking to Politico, Williams said that after he gave Gordon 30 days to find new employment, the departing chief of staff contacted a GOP campaign consultant close to the lawmaker.

    That consultant, Aaron Evans, told the news site that he relayed Gordon’s warning to the New York Republican in recent weeks – that he should think about how embarrassing it would be for his family if TMZ found out about his daughter’s OnlyFans account.

    Williams said that several days prior to the Spy Musuem incident he heard from other aides that Gordon was telling congressional staffers about his daughter’s OnlyFans account.

    He was also ‘saying really rude things about my wife,’ Williams told Politico.

    Gordon had lived with Williams during part of his congressional campaign and they also lived together when Williams got to Washington.

    Williams is in his first term.

    The congressman described his former chief of staff as a ‘deeply broken person.’

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    Michigan School Shooter Ethan Crumbley, 17, Is Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole



    A Michigan judge sentenced school shooter Ethan Crumbley to multiple life sentences without parole on Friday, after an emotional court hearing where surviving victims discussed their trauma.

    Crumbley, 15 years old at the time, killed four people and injured seven more at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

    During the hearing, he accepted responsibility and showed regret for his actions.

    “Any sentence that they ask for, I ask that you impose it on me,” he said. “I want them to be happy, I want them to feel secure and safe. I don’t want them to worry another day.”

    In total, 29 people gave victim statements at the hearing, including parents of victims and students and staff at the school.

    “Our family has been navigating our way through complete hell,” Buck Myre, whose son Tate was killed in the shooting, said. “We wear the pain like a heavy coat, constant reminders every day. Every hour is the darkest time of the day.”

    “We are miserable. We miss Tate,” he continued. “Our family has a permanent hole in it that can never be fixed.”

    Each victim, when asked, requested he be given life without parole.

    “This coward took these actions knowing the consequences and effects it would have on people and this community,” Tate Myre’s brother, Trent Myre, said at the hearing. “He took the selfish actions of taking four lives away.”

    “He should never have the opportunity to see the light again,” he added. “He waived his right and opportunity when he took the lives away of those four beautiful souls.”

    Survivors described themselves as racked with guilt over those who died, and constantly fighting the fear of future peril.

    “My life has changed its path entirely,” survivor Kylie Ossege said. “However, your honor, I refuse to let the cowardly acts of a person impact the rest of my life. … No one will ever take my happiness away from me, because I am the strongest person I know.”

    In his defense, Crumbley’s attorney and his guardian pleaded that he be given the opportunity for parole, arguing that he had changed since the 2021 shooting. Crumbley himself also made remarks.

    “I am a really bad person. I have done terrible things that no one should ever do. I have lied, been not trustworthy, I’ve hurt many people,” Crumbley said. “I’m not denying it. That’s not who I plan on being. … I do plan to be better. I don’t know if you’ll believe that.”

    Both of Crumbley’s parents were charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting, accused of irresponsible handling of firearms. They fled the state, but were later arrested.

    The parents appealed their charges, but it was denied. They will face trial starting January 23.

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    US Embassy in Baghdad Attacked with 7 Mortars



    Approximately seven mortar rounds landed in the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad during an attack early on Friday, a U.S. military official told Reuters, in what appears to be one of the largest attacks against the embassy in recent memory.

    It also marked the first time the U.S. embassy had been fired on in more than a year, apparently widening the range of targets after dozens of attacks on military bases housing U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria since mid-October amid fears of broadening conflict in the region.

    No group claimed responsibility, but previous attack against U.S. forces have been carried out by Iran-aligned militias which have targeted U.S. interests in Syria and Iraq over Washington’s backing for Israel in its Gaza war.

    The U.S. military official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, left open the possibility that more projectiles were fired at the embassy compound but did not land within it.

    The official added that the attack caused very minor damage but no injuries.

    Explosions were heard near the embassy, in the centre of the capital, at about 4 a.m. (0100 GMT) on Friday. Sirens calling on people to take cover were activated.

    State media said the attack damaged the headquarters of an Iraqi security agency.

    The U.S. military official added that Ain al-Asad air base, which hosts U.S. and other international forces in western Iraq, had also been targeted but the projectiles did not land in the base.

    Sheikh Ali Damoush, a senior official in the Lebanese group Hezbollah, said in a Friday sermon that attacks by Iran-aligned groups across the Middle East aim to apply pressure for a halt to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. He did not refer specifically to Friday’s attack.

    The dozens of attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria have been claimed by a group of Iran-aligned Shi’ite Muslim militias operating under the banner of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

    The U.S. has responded with a series of strikes that have killed at least 15 militants in Iraq and up to seven in Syria.


    The attacks pose a challenge for Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, who has pledged to protect foreign missions and capitlize on fragile stability to focus on the economy and court foreign investment, including from the United States.

    Sudani directed security agencies to pursue the perpetrators, describing them as “unruly, lawless groups that do not in any way represent the will of the Iraqi people,” a statement from his office said.

    He also said that undermining Iraq’s stability, reputation and targeting places Iraq has committed to protect were acts of terrorism.

    A U.S. embassy spokesperson called on the Iraqi government to do all in its power to protect diplomatic and coalition personnel and facilities.

    “We reiterate that we reserve the right to self-defence and to protect our personnel anywhere in the world,” he said.

    Aside from its diplomatic staff in Iraq, the United States has about 2,500 troops in the country on a mission it says aims to advise and assist local forces trying to prevent a resurgence of Islamic State, which in 2014 seized large swathes of both countries before being defeated.

    Iran-aligned Houthis have been firing at Israel and ships in the Red Sea in a campaign they say aims to support the Palestinians. U.S. warships have shot down several of their projectiles.

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    Alex Jones Tells Tucker Carlson Biden “Walks WH Naked, Is on Drugs”



    Tucker Carlson on Thursday broadcast an interview with Alex Jones in which Jones claimed that President Joe Biden is drugged up on amphetamines and wanders the White House naked and lost in the middle of the night.

    Elon Musk on Thursday said he was considering reinstating Jones on X – formerly Twitter: a move which would certainly help Jones’ revenue stream.

    Jones told Carson that he believed Joe Biden was ‘completely out of his mind.’

    Jones said: ‘He wanders around for the entire two and a half years naked in the White House. In the middle of the night, doesn’t know who he is.

    ‘They have to give him a bunch of drugs – a bunch of amphetamines in the morning, and they have to drug him at night.

    ‘Sometimes he’ll be out for the morning, for a while, then come back at night for a ball. That’s when there’s a real problem.’

    Carlson nodded, looking grave.

    ‘He is on drugs. I have established that,’ said Carlson.

    ‘I know someone who witnessed it – I’m not guessing at this. I know someone personally who witnessed him taking amphetamines. And this was during the 2020 election.’

    Jones told Carlson: ‘That’s huge. I know you don’t play games.’

    Jones was banned from Twitter in 2018.

    In 2022, Twitter ruled that Jones’ ban from their platform was permanent.

    Musk on Thursday, however, said he was considering reinstating him – and would put it to a vote on the platform.

    Jones’s wife Erika Wulff Jones wrote on X: ‘Tucker Carlson’s interview with the most censored man in the World drops tonight!’

    Musk replied: ‘Will consider. In general, since this platform aspires to be the global town square, permanent bans should be extremely rare.

    ‘Also, if he does say something false on this platform, then @CommunityNotes will correct him, whereas that would not be the case elsewhere. Let’s hold a poll.’

    Last year, Musk refused to reinstate Jones.

    One person posted: ‘Bring back Alex Jones’ – to which Musk replied: ‘No.’

    Musk continued: ‘My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat. I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.’

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    Megyn Kelly Reveals What Chris Christie Told Her During Heated Off-Air Confrontation at GOP Debate



    Megyn Kelly dished on what former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said to her during their heated interaction at the fourth 2024 Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday, saying the presidential hopeful was “pissed” that he wasn’t being asked enough questions.

    The brief 13-second clip taken during a commercial break showed Christie aggressively speaking to the debate’s moderators, Kelly and the Washington Free Beacon’s Eliana Johnson.

    “He was pissed off,” Kelly explained during “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Thursday.

    “He was mad that he wasn’t getting enough questions. And he said, ‘I made it up at this stage, and I haven’t been able to speak in awhile. And I should have been brought in on that last debate.’”

    Though Christie was upset, Kelly explained she knew the former governor would eventually get the stage time he sought during the debate’s second half.

    “I said, ‘We’re coming to you. You’re going to be happy in the second hour,’ which I lived up to,” Kelly added.

    Kelly said the “even distribution of questions got mucked up from all the arguing” among Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy during the debate’s first half.

    “We let them fight in the first 40 minutes of the debate and therefore that comes at the expense of something,” she explained, adding that it is “all at the expense of something else that’s coming.”

    But even with explaining why Christie may have felt snubbed, she had a stern message for the presidential candidate during her show the following day.

    “He’s polling at 2%!” she proclaimed.

    “In no debate ever, and I’ve now done six of them, have we given as many questions to the guy who’s at 3% as to the person who’s in the lead, at least among the candidates that are on the stage. I’m sorry, Gov. Christie. That’s the way it is.”

    Kelly claimed each candidate received close to the same amount of time to answer questions, citing CNN’s numbers from the debate.

    “Vivek got 22 minutes, DeSantis 21, Haley 17, Christie 16 and 52 seconds. So he was a half a minute behind Haley, who’s tied up there for number one,” Kelly shared.

    Kelly was assertive that Christie wasn’t mistreated on Wednesday.

    “I don’t want to hear it, frankly. We did right by him. He got a ton of airtime. That’s what he was mad about,” Kelly stated.

    “I like the guy, but just to break some news on what people speculating on … They never like it when they don’t get to speak.”

    The back-and-forth between Christie and the former Fox News host wasn’t the only temper-flaring moment for the former governor during Wednesday night’s debate.

    Christie tore into Ramaswamy after the biotech entrepreneur slighted Haley’s intelligence.

    “This is the fourth debate. The fourth debate that you will be voted in the first 20 minutes as the most obnoxious blowhard in America,” Christie said, setting off a near-screaming match as Ramaswamy repeatedly interrupted Christie.

    “We’re now 25 minutes into this debate, and he has insulted Nikki Haley’s basic intelligence, not her positions, her basic intelligence,” Christie continued.

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    Hunter Biden Spent $872K on Prostitutes, Porn and Sex Club Memberships and Took $1.6M from ATMs



    Hunter Biden spent a staggering $870,000 on prostitutes, sex club memberships and porn and took out $1.6million from cash machines in the wild spending spree laid out in the bombshell tax evasion indictment filed on Wednesday night.

    Federal prosecutors claim the president’s scandal-hit son spent almost $5million on a lavish lifestyle between 2016 and 2019 while failing to pay $1.4million taxes in a case that leaves him facing a maximum 17 years in prison.

    The indictment set to be a disaster for his father’s 2024 run for president alleges that he ‘spent this money on drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.’

    That breakdown includes $683,000 on ‘various women’ as well as almost $400,000 on ‘clothing and accessories’. It also alleges that he spent $188,000 on ‘adult entertainment’ and took out $1.6million from ATMs.

    During that time, he was in the middle of a well-documented addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine. Hunter has admitted he had a slew of substance abuse problems and completed multiple stints in rehab.

    Hunter is now facing two criminal trials in the middle of his father’s campaign. In Delaware he is facing a maximum of 25 years in prison for allegedly lying about about being a drug user when he bought a gun.

    In 2018 alone Hunter is alleged to have spent $100,000 on ‘adult entertainment’ but only $500 on mortgage payments.

    Some payments are laid out in excruciating detail including $11,500 for an escort to spend just two nights with him in 2018.

    Hunter made $3,947 in payments to M Street Management, a strip club in Washington, D.C., in January 2018.

    He is also alleged to have used the business line of credit to make $27,316 in payments to an online pornography website, ‘which in total accounted for one fifth of all of the business line of credit expenditures.’

    The president’s son also made one off payments, such as a $1,500 Venmo payment on August 14, 2018 to an exotic dancer at a strip club that he attempted to pass off as the purchase of ‘artwork’ in his accounts.

    Over four years he spent $237,000 on ‘health, beauty and pharmacy’ services, more than $110,000 of which was splashed in a single year.

    The indictment also revealed how Hunter spent thousands of dollars on luxury hotels, flights and car rentals.

    In April 2018 $2,996 was spent on Virgin America flights to Los Angeles, and upon arrival in California he spent $1,727 on renting a Lamborghini.

    In the following two months Hunter spent a staggering $43,693 on stays at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA.

    He also paid $7,215 for LA Airbnb rentals for his then-girlfriend in May and June 2018.

    All nine charges, filed in California on Thursday, relate to tax.

    They include two felony charges for filing a false return, a felony charge for tax evasion, four failure to pay charges, and a further two charges for failure to file.

    ‘The Defendant engaged in a four-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes he owed for tax years 2016 through 2019,’ it reads.

    These latest allegations come as Biden’s son already faces three felony charges that carry a maximum combined 25 years incarceration and $250,000 fine.

    The first count is for lying on a 2018 gun purchase form that he was not an illicit drug user, and has a top sentence of 10 years. The second count is for lying to the gun store about it, which could net him up to five years. The third is for possessing the firearm while being an addict, which could land him another 10 years.

    The latest indictment alleges Hunter attempted ‘to evade the assessment of taxes for tax year 2018 when he filed false returns in or about February 2020.’

    As well as failing to file and pay his taxes he has also been accused of including ‘false business deductions’ in his 2018 returns to reduce his tax bill.

    ‘The Defendant engaged in a four-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes he owed for tax years 2016 through 2019,’ it reads.

    These latest allegations come as Biden’s son already faces three felony charges that carry a maximum combined 25 years incarceration and $250,000 fine.

    The first count is for lying on a 2018 gun purchase form that he was not an illicit drug user, and has a top sentence of 10 years. The second count is for lying to the gun store about it, which could net him up to five years. The third is for possessing the firearm while being an addict, which could land him another 10 years.

    The latest indictment alleges Hunter attempted ‘to evade the assessment of taxes for tax year 2018 when he filed false returns in or about February 2020.’

    As well as failing to file and pay his taxes he has also been accused of including ‘false business deductions’ in his 2018 returns to reduce his tax bill.

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