WATCH: 'Panic Mode' Mom Throws Computer at American Airlines Worker After Losing Kids
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A passenger in Miami International Airport was caught on cellphone video Tuesday throwing a computer monitor at a gate agent, tossing equipment to the ground, and being arrested for aggravated battery, WSVN-TV reported.

The 25-year-old woman and her kids were flying from Alabama to New York City and had a layover in Miami, police told the station.

But at one point, she couldn’t find her two children, who had walked off to use the restroom, police added to WSNV.

“Once the subject noticed the children were not with her, she became irate and began to scream, demanding the gate agent to find her children,” police added in a statement to Fox News.

With that, the woman — who was at American Airlines Gate D-39 — tossed keyboards and ripped a boarding pass reader from a counter, the station said.

The gate agent in the background of the video screenshot below — wearing a headband with reindeer antlers — also felt the heat.

A different video camera angle shows the woman grabbing a computer monitor and throwing it at the gate agent and striking her in the shoulder, WSNV added.

“She went into a panic mode,” a witness told the station. “That’s what happened.”

A passenger reacting to the video told WSNV that “clearly she has anger issues” while another exclaimed, “Oh, my God! Why would she do that?”

Police told the station American Airlines’ property damage amounted to around $10,000.

Help arrives

Nearby officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection held the woman until Miami-Dade police officers arrived, the station said.

The woman — identified as Camilia McMillie — was booked into jail later that night on charges that include aggravated battery, WSNV said, adding that she was being held on a $13,000 bond.

Police added to Fox News that the Florida Department of Children and Families is assisting McMillie’s children.

The American Airlines employee — presumably the antler-wearing worker hit by the flying computer monitor — was said to be OK with some bruising on her right shoulder area, the station said.

“Acts of violence against our team members are not tolerated by American Airlines, and we are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation,” AA spokesperson Derek Walls told WSNV.

The station added that throughout the pandemic, “violent encounters on planes and at the airport have soared.”

Readers of TheBlaze may recall almost exactly one year ago when a brawl erupted inside Miami International Airport, culminating in a police officer pulling his gun on an advancing mob — one member of which, angry over a delayed flight, fought and even bit the officer on the head.

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    Additional Footage Emerges Showing Suspect Breaking Into Pelosi Home — 911 Call Released



    Law enforcement officials released additional footage on Friday that allegedly showed suspect David DePape breaking into the home of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) late last year.

    The clip allegedly showing DePape breaking into the home featured him dropping bags onto the ground, going through them to find a hammer, and then taking the hammer to smash in the glass door.


    In the 911 call, Paul Pelosi appeared to subtly attempt to communicate to law enforcement that he was in danger as DePape was allegedly near him in the house.

    “There’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back, Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “He’s just waiting for her to come back, but she’s not going to be here for days, so I guess we’ll have to wait.”

    “He thinks everything’s good. I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good,” Pelosi added.


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    WATCH: Footage Of Attack On Paul Pelosi Released



    San Francisco law enforcement officials released body camera footage Friday from the October attack on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi.

    A San Francisco judge ordered that the footage be made public after a coalition of news outlets filed a motion to release the footage on January 11.

    The footage shows police knocking on the door of the home before either Pelosi or DePape opened it.

    “What’s going on man?” an officer asks.

    “Everything is good,” DePape responds as he wrestled for control of a hammer with Pelosi.

    “Drop the hammer!” the officer then says.

    “Umm, nope,” DePape responded before gaining control of the hammer and striking Pelosi.

    “Oh, s—!” one of the officers says as police rushed in to stop DePape during the attack.

    Paul Pelosi was attacked on October 28 by a nudist activist who broke into the Pelosi residence seeking to kidnap the then-House speaker, prosecutors said in a pretrial hearing. The activist, who prosecutors identified as 42-year-old David DePape, attacked Paul Pelosi after not being able to locate his wife.

    DePape has pleaded not guilty on all charges, which include both state and federal charges. He is expected to appear in state court on February 23 to set a date for his trial. He is being held in jail without bail.

    Authorities said that San Francisco police entered the Pelosi residence around 2:30 a.m. local time on the night of the attack. An assailant and Pelosi struggled over a hammer, and then the assailant “violently” assaulted Pelosi, the police said.

    After the attack, Pelosi was taken to a hospital where he underwent “successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said at the time.

    DePape broke into the house shouting “Where’s Nancy?” a court affidavit said.

    DePape told first responders at the scene that he was sick of the “level of lies” from politicians in Washington, D.C., and “came here to have a little chat with [Paul Pelosi’s] wife,” according to a court filing.

    “I didn’t really want to hurt him, but you know this was a suicide mission. I’m not going to stand here and do nothing even if it cost me my life,” DePape said, according to the filing.

    DePape allegedly intended to attack other high profile figures as well. Police said DePape intended to target President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and actor Tom Hanks.

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    Months After Suffering Serious Burns, Leno Involved in Serious Motorcycle Accident



    Months after Jay Leno suffered “serious burns” in a gasoline fire while working on one of his vehicles, the comedian said he broke several bones in a motorcycle accident.

    Leno, 72, was “knocked off” a motorcycle Jan. 17 by a wire strung across a parking lot, breaking two ribs, two kneecaps and a collarbone, he told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

    “But I’m OK! I’m working this weekend,” he reassured.

    Leno said that he went out for a test drive on a 1940 Indian motorcycle and recognized the smell of a gas leak.

    “I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot, and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it,” Leno told the Review Journal.

    “I didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clothesline me and, boom, knocked me off the bike. The bike kept going, and you know how that works out.”

    Leno’s motorcycle accident comes several months after he received multiple surgeries for third-degree burns on his face and hands from a fire in his Burbank garage.

    Last November, Leno took extreme measures to recover from his first traumatic accident, including hyperbaric chamber treatment – which is supposed to decrease swelling, increase blood flow with good oxygenation and decrease bacteria, according to Leno’s doctor, Peter Grossman.

    The talk show host confessed he did not speak out about his most recent motorcycle accident publicly, since the last vehicle mishap received a tremendous amount of media attention.

    Despite suffering multiple broken bones, Leno has been in good spirits about his second accident and laughed off the intense situation.

    “You know, after getting burned up, you get that one for free. After that, you’re Harrison Ford, crashing airplanes. You just want to keep your head down,” he said.

    Although Leno’s doctor previously advised he takes a “step back” from his career after his first accident, the comedian was eager to get back to work within weeks.

    The former “Tonight Show” host is currently preparing for his comedy show in Las Vegas, which is scheduled for March 31.

    Representatives for Leno did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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    Kemp Mobilizes 1,000 National Guard Troops, Declares Emergency Amid Fears of Anti-Cop Violence



    Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency on Thursday in anticipation of violent anti-police protests in Atlanta this weekend.

    The governor activated 1,000 National Guard troops and will deploy them to prevent further violence after masked protesters threw rocks, launched fireworks and burned a police vehicle in front of the Atlanta Police Foundation building last weekend.

    “Georgians respect peaceful protests, but do not tolerate acts of violence against persons or property,” the governor’s order states.

    The state of emergency will expire on Thursday, Feb. 9, unless it is renewed by the governor.

    Violence erupted in Atlanta last weekend days after a police-involved shooting of an environmental activist, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was protesting the construction of a new police training facility for the Atlanta Police Department, dubbed “Cop City” by its detractors.

    The 26-year-old protester was shot and killed by law enforcement on Jan. 18 after he shot a Georgia state trooper during an “operation” to remove encamped activists from the construction site of the $90 million Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

    The wounded state trooper was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery, authorities said.

    Anti-police activists called for a “night of rage” last Friday in response to police-involved shooting.

    Rioters damaged at least three businesses over the weekend, throwing bricks and shattering windows, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. At least two police cars were targeted and one was set on fire. Some of the individuals arrested were found with explosives, investigators said.

    Six suspects, five of whom were from out-of-state, have been charged with domestic terrorism related to last weekend’s riots.

    They were identified as Nadja Geier, 24, of Nashville, Tennessee; Madeleine Feola, 22, of Spokane, Washington; Ivan Ferguson, 23, of Nevada; Graham Evatt, 20, of Decatur, Georgia; Francis Carrol, 22, of Kennebunkport, Maine; and Emily Murphy, 37, of Grosse Isle, Michigan.

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    WATCH: Pregnant Wife Collapses as Husband Announces Run for US President



    Rollan Roberts II, a Republican, announced his bid for presidency recently, but people on Twitter seemed to be more interested in his wife’s response.

    In a video that has been viewed 1.9 million times as of Friday morning, Roberts, a West Virginia businessman, is in the midst of announcing his campaign for presidency when his pregnant wife, Rebecca Lea Roberts, collapses. The clip, which is only 16 seconds long, shows Roberts speaking at a podium. Then, his wife stumbles around and collapses. Several seconds pass before Roberts leaves the podium and goes to her side.

    Rebecca is pregnant with the couple’s first child, Rolan III, due in July.

    “Rollan Roberts II announces he is running for president this week, when his five-months pregnant wife passes out. She was fine, and Roberts was obviously highly concerned,” former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski tweeted Thursday afternoon with a clip of the video. “Hell of a start to Rollan Roberts 2024!”

    In response, many Twitter users expressed disdain at Roberts’ hesitancy in aiding his wife when they saw the video.

    “Why the hell did he just stand there at first?” one user asked.

    “Wow! I counted a full 5-seconds before he made a move toward her. I hope she’s okay,” another person added.

    “I thought for a moment he wasn’t going to leave the podium,” one user tweeted.

    Even other lawmakers criticized Roberts’ actions.

    “He stood there and looked at her as if she was interrupting him,” Florida state Representative Matt Willhite, a Democrat, tweeted.

    Roberts’ campaign told Newsweek in a statement on Friday that Rebecca’s medical team had examined her prior to the press conference and was monitoring the situation.

    “Rollan Roberts’ first priority is to his wife and family. Running for President was a family decision, and her health, pregnancy, and birth of their first child was a major consideration,” the statement said.

    Roberts’ wife defended her husband’s response, and said since there was movement happening throughout the announcement, he wasn’t able to see what was happening when she fell.

    “The unjust criticism and outrage at my husband’s response time is infuriating,” she told Newsweek in an emailed statement. “If people would watch the full video, they’ll see him move towards me within seconds once he saw what was happening, and that he is the one that helped me up, stopped the press conference, and spent minutes with the medical team to see if we would even continue.”

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    Court Rules Against Christian Baker Who Declined to Make Transgender Birthday Cake



    Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips, the baker who prevailed in the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court case involving declining to create a custom cake for a same-sex marriage, has lost an appeal in a separate case involving declining to create a custom cake celebrating gender transition.

    “Free speech is for everyone. No one should be forced to express a message that violates their core beliefs,” said Alliance for Defending Freedom’s senior counsel Jake Warner in the non-profit legal organization’s Thursday press release.

    Warner argued before the Colorado Court of Appeals on Phillips’ behalf in the most recent case, Scardina v. Masterpiece Cakeshop. Scardina requested the transgender celebration cake on June 25, 2017, the same day the Supreme Court announced it would hear the original case involving the same-sex marriage cake.

    The Scardina case arose when customer and attorney Autumn Scardina requested a custom pink cake with blue frosting, according to a Colorado Court of Appeals published opinion summary. After the shop indicated it could make the cake, Scardina told the shop it was intended to celebrate transgender identity. The shop then declined to make the cake, and Scardina brought an action against the shop and Phillips under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

    “The division concludes that the act of baking a pink cake with blue frosting does not constitute protected speech under the First Amendment,” the summary reads in part.

    “… the division concludes that CADA’s prohibition against discrimination based on a person’s transgender status does not violate a proprietor’s right to freely exercise or express their religion,” the summary also says.

    Phillips’ attorneys plan to appeal the most recent decision that would punish the baker and compel him to create the transgender identity celebration cake. They also note that the Scardina case involves an “activist attorney” who continued Colorado’s “crusade” against the cake artist and business owner who is determined to live according to his faith, even in the face of death threats and harassment.

    “Over a decade ago, Colorado officials began targeting Jack, misusing state law to force him to say things he does not believe … This cruelty must stop … Cultural winds may shift, but freedom of speech is foundational to our self-government and to the free and fearless pursuit of truth,” Warner added.

    The same law which would compel Phillips to violate his sincerely-held beliefs is at the core of another, current U.S. Supreme Court case, 303 Creative vs. Elenis. In the 303 Creative case, Colorado is also attempting to “mandate orthodoxy and drive views it disfavors from the public square,” according to the ADF.

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    WATCH: Officials Hold Back LeBron James After Fan Taunts Him Over ‘Receding Hairline’



    Officials held back Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James during a game this week against the Los Angeles Clippers.

    The incident happened on Tuesday night as the 38-year-old was headed toward the locker rooms during halftime at the Arena.

    “Hey Bron! Hey Bron!” the man shouted at James. “You better get this s*** together! With that receding-ass hairline!”

    “Look, he mad! Look at him!” the man shouted while laughing. “You sick!”

    James stopped, faced the man, and appeared ready to engage before security held him back and prevented the situation from escalating further.

    The Clippers went on to beat the Lakers 133-115.

    James got a couple of fans tossed from his team’s overtime win against the Indiana Pacers back in November 2021 after serving a one-game suspension for punching a player in the face.

    CBS News reported at the time that it was not clear why James was mad because no obvious incident occurred.

    “It’s not entirely clear what got LeBron upset,” CBS Sports reported. “There was no obvious incident like throwing an object or coming on the court, so you’d have to guess that one of the fans said something.”

    James grabbed the officials and led them to the people he claimed were acting up. Video of the incident captured moments before appeared to show one of the two people waving their arms in James’ direction. About 10-15 seconds later, James is seen grabbing an official by the arm, bringing the official to where the fans were seated, and pointing at the individuals in question while yelling: “It’s right f***ing here!”

    The two people were quickly escorted out of the game.


    During post-game remarks, James was asked what the fans did that made him “uncomfortable” during the game.

    “I mean nothing is uncomfortable for me, but there’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful, booing opponents and things of that nature or not wanting your opponents to be successful, and there’s then moments where it goes outside the line with obscene gestures and words that shouldn’t be tolerated in our game from nobody,” James responded. “I would never say it to a fan and a fan should never say it to a player.”

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    WATCH: Robot Liquefies Then Re-Forms In Scientific Breakthrough



    In a recent breakthrough, scientists have created a robot that can transition back and forth between solid and liquid states, allowing it to navigate through numerous obstacles and environments.

    Researchers applied the technology in a few different scenarios. The robot was able to navigate obstacle courses and deliver and retrieve objects to and from a model human stomach. They even constructed a version of the robot that looks like a Lego Minifigure that was able to escape a cage by liquefying and then restoring itself to its original form once out.

    ScienceAlert reported on the experiment, noting that the authors took inspiration from the shapeshifting Sea Cucumber, which can alternate between physical states by adjusting its internal temperature. The experiment, published in Matter, details how microscopic magnetic particles were embedded into liquid metal, and how those particles heated and cooled the metal based on adjusting the magnetic functions, thus changing the physical state.

    “The magnetic particles here have two roles,” says Carmel Majidi of Carnegie Mellon University, senior author and mechanical engineer in the experiment. “One is that they make the material responsive to an alternating magnetic field, so you can, through induction, heat up the material and cause the phase change. But the magnetic particles also give the robots mobility and the ability to move in response to the magnetic field.”

    Gallium was the perfect metal for this experiment, researchers found, because of its low melting point, which is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The authors describe the metal as having “high mechanical strength, high load capacity, and fast locomotion speed in the solid phase with excellent morphological adaptability (elongation, splitting, and merging) in the liquid phase.”

    A leader of the study and engineer at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chengfeng Pan, said, “Giving robots the ability to switch between liquid and solid states endows them with more functionality.”

    In another video, researchers show this technology clearing a foreign object from a model human stomach.

    “More functionality” means the technology could open up many new possibilities, especially in the mechanical and electrical fields. The robot could enter into spaces and apply fixes in small, tight, or perhaps even dangerous, places. It could even be used as a conductor in circuits.

    Majidi, however, suggests that the new robotic technology should be further explored in the biomedical field. While gallium proved to be successful for the experiments, the metal will likely be insufficient for biomedical applications due to its melting point being so low – lower than the ambient temperature of the human body. Though a gallium-based alloy could get the job done, ScienceAlert notes.

    “What we’re showing are just one-off demonstrations, proofs of concept, but much more study will be required to delve into how this could actually be used for drug delivery or for removing foreign objects,” Majidi said.

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    Pfizer Director Physically Assaults James O’Keefe, Goes on Rampage in Coffee Shop



    Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, physically assaulted James O’Keefe and Veritas staffers on Thursday.

    James O’Keefe confronted Walker at a restaurant and showed him the undercover recordings about Pfizer’s plans to potentially mutate the Covid virus.

    “You f*cked up!” Walker shouted before destroying the iPad showing the PV undercover recordings about the “mutating” Covid virus.

    Project Veritas on Wednesday night released explosive video of Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations, admitting the pharma giant is exploring ‘mutating’ Covid-19 via ‘directed evolution’ so the company can continue to profit off of vaccines.

    “One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses,” Walker told the undercover Project Veritas journalist.

    “Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone. The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them,” he said in the undercover recordings.

    “I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to literally help the public,” Walker said during the confrontation.

    Walker insisted he was just ‘trying to impress his date.’

    The NYPD responded to the assault.


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    ‘Where’s Doug?’ — Biden Repeatedly Calls Dem Pol by Wrong Name in Echo of ‘Where’s Jackie?’ Gaffe



    President Biden called Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) by the name “Doug” four times Thursday during a gaffe-filled visit to the congressman’s district.

    “Where’s Doug? Congressman?” the 80-year-old president asked while giving a speech on the economy.

    “He’s around here somewhere,” Biden said as he searched the crowd. “Oh, there you are. Doug, thanks for the passport into town. Doug and I have something in common, we both married way above our station.”

    Biden is the oldest-ever president, and his mental acuity is frequently a matter of debate as he prepares to launch a 2024 re-election campaign.

    The uncomfortable moment recalled the infamous September exchange when Biden asked “Where’s Jackie?” as he searched for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) in a crowd, despite publicly mourning her death and even calling her family to offer his condolences in August.

    About five minutes into his remarks Thursday, Biden appeared to recognize his error when he called Beyer “Doug” for a fourth time and seemed to grasp for his actual name.

    “Doug knows, Do —,” Biden said haltingly, before launching into an attack on House Republicans, claiming: “Look, here’s the deal … They want to cut your Social Security and Medicare. Now, this is the God’s truth. It’s almost unbelievable.”

    Contrary to Biden’s remark, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said repeatedly this week he doesn’t want to cut the social safety nets.

    Beyer, a House member since 2015, is a wealthy car dealership owner who became a popular Democratic designate for proxy votes during the COVID-19 pandemic because his urban northern Virginia district abuts DC.

    White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that Biden would receive his annual physical before Feb. 1. It’s unclear if the exam will feature a cognitive test.

    Biden stumbled at other points in his remarks Thursday, including when he said that a train tunnel in Baltimore goes under the Potomac River although the body of water is about a one-hour drive from Maryland’s largest city.

    “Next week, I’m visiting Baltimore and New York. We’re going to replace a 150-year-old tunnel, the Baltimore Potomac Tunnel, under the Potomac River, which will allow rail traffic to move up and down the East Coast,” Biden said.

    The president appeared to be confused about the physical location of the tunnel because of its name, a legacy of its construction in the 1870s by the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad.

    “I’m probably the only non-rail guy who’s walked that tunnel,” Biden added. “No, I’m not joking … last time I walked it, they still had lights that were on a string hanging down, leaks in the roof — folks, 150 years old, nothing has been done to it. Everything has to slow down. And there’s a great worry that part of it could collapse.”

    Biden also claimed in his remarks that COVID-19 vaccinations were mass-deployed by his administration and not by former President Donald Trump “because the other guy and the other team didn’t think it mattered a whole lot” — despite the Trump administration overseeing the rapid development and initial month of deployment of vaccines.

    The point of Biden’s speech was to promote his economic agenda amid a standoff with House Republicans on increasing the national debt ceiling.

    Biden said that “a distinct minority of 30 to 40%” of Republicans were “determined to be the party of chaos and catastrophe.”

    Although the White House has thus far refused to negotiate in the debt ceiling standoff, Biden appeared to hint he was open to talks.

    “Look,” he said. “I’m ready to work with Republicans, and I’ve demonstrated — to the chagrin sometimes of my Democratic friends who want to make progress for the American people — I’m ready to compromise if there’s something good we want to deal with.”

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    2 Witnesses in Alleged Rape of LSU Student Released as Her Cause of Death Revealed



    Two men accused of witnessing the alleged rape of Louisiana State University student Madison Brooks shortly before her death were bonded out of jail Tuesday, as officials revealed she died from “multiple traumatic injuries.”

    Everett Lee, 28, and Casen Carver, 18, have been released from jail. Both men are charged with principle to third-degree rape, meaning they were present but did not participate in the alleged rape of Brooks on Jan. 15.

    The men appeared before 19th Judicial District Judge Brad Myers to determine their pre-trial bond amounts, WAFB reported.

    Carver was released on a $50,000 bond and Lee on a $75,000 bond. Lee’s nephew, Kaivon Washington, 18, had his bond set to $150,000 and remains in jail on third-degree rape charges.

    An unidentified 17-year-old who was also charged with allegedly raping Brooks is being held in a juvenile detention center with his pre-trial bond hearing expected to be held in February.

    Brooks, a 19-year-old sophomore, was allegedly raped in the backseat of a car by Washington and the 17-year-old after the group left Reggie’s bar in East Baton Rouge sometime between 1 and 2 a.m.

    After the alleged assault, the group of men dropped Brooks off at a nearby subdivision when she indicated she was going to call an Uber. She was soon after struck by a rideshare vehicle on Burbank Drive near Pelican Lakes Parkway around 3 a.m.

    The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office confirmed to The Post that Brooks’ cause of death was “multiple traumatic injuries 2nd motor vehicle versus pedestrian collision,” meaning she later died at the hospital.

    The manner of death is still pending further investigation, and no other information is being shared at this time, the coroner’s office said.

    Investigators said Brooks had a blood-alcohol content of 0.319%, nearly four times the legal limit.

    The rideshare driver is not being charged, according to a spokesperson for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, who said the driver was not impaired and reported the accident immediately.

    Friends have erected a memorial for Brooks along the highway where she was killed, and her Alpha Phi sorority sisters remembered her as a “bubbly, loving and selfless friend.”

    “She left an incredible mark on our chapter, we cherish our memories together and we will never forget her. Our forever friend was also a hero. Madi donated her heart and kidneys to save others,” the sorority said on Instagram Monday.

    In a statement, LSU president William Tate said: “Madison was a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a niece, a classmate, and a friend to many of you. By all accounts, she was an amazing young woman with limitless potential. She should not have been taken from us in this way. What happened to her was evil, and our legal system will parcel out justice.”

    “Our collective grief and outrage cannot be put into mere words. So what can we do? It is time for action. One place to target our attention is the very place where this encounter began,” Tate wrote.

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    America’s Elite SEAL Team Six Takes Out Key ISIS Leader



    The U.S. military killed a high-level ISIS leader during an operation in Africa this week along with nearly a dozen ISIS operatives.

    A senior administration official told CNN that the operation took place in a “mountainous cave complex in northern Somalia” where ISIS was planning its expansion into Africa and beyond.

    “Given the remote location of the operation, the assessment is that no civilians were injured or killed,” U.S. Africa Command said in a statement. “Protecting civilians remains a vital part of the command’s operations to promote greater security for all Africans.”

    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed that U.S. forces killed ISIS leader Bilal-al-Sudani.

    “On January 25, on orders from the President, the U.S. military conducted an assault operation in northern Somalia that resulted in the death of a number of ISIS members, including Bilal-al-Sudani, an ISIS leader in Somalia and a key facilitator for ISIS’s global network,” Austin said. “Al-Sudani was responsible for fostering the growing presence of ISIS in Africa and for funding the group’s operations worldwide, including in Afghanistan.”

    The official who CNN spoke to said that U.S. forces wanted to capture al-Sudani alive, but the response from the terrorists ultimately made that impossible, and al-Sudani, along with 1o other terrorists, were killed.

    Only one service member was injured during the operation when he was bitten by an American military canine.

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    DeSantis Gets Into RNC Race, Backing Dhillo



    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared during an interview on Thursday to back attorney Harmeet Dhillon in her bid to become the new chair of the Republican National Committee.

    DeSantis’ remarks come one day before RNC committee members will vote on a secret ballot for positions in the party, including the chairmanship.

    “I think we need to get some new blood in the RNC,” DeSantis said during an interview. “I like what Harmeet Dhillon has said about getting the RNC out of D.C. Why would you want to have your headquarters in the most Democrat city in America? It’s more Democrat than San Francisco is.”

    DeSantis slammed the performance of RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel during the interview, saying that the GOP has experienced several bad election cycles under her watch.

    “We’ve had three substandard election cycles in a row, ’18, ’20, and ’22, and I would say of all three of those, ’22 was probably the worst, given the political environment of a very unpopular President Biden, huge majorities of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction,” DeSantis said. “That is an environment that’s tailor-made to make big gains in the House and Senate and state houses all across the country, and yet that didn’t happen.”

    DeSantis said that the party needs “fresh thinking — here’s the thing, just practically speaking, you need grassroots Republicans to power this organization with volunteering and donations.”

    “I think it’s going to be very difficult to energize people to want to give money, to want to volunteer their time with the RNC if they don’t see a change in direction,” DeSantis continued.

    When asked about his experience with the RNC, DeSantis said that his campaign “ran our election, assuming we weren’t going to be involved with the RNC at all.”

    DeSantis said that his dominant win in the state was driven by his own get out the vote operation and ground game.

    “So it was very successful, you know, but that was really being driven by our agenda, our accomplishments, and us putting a lot of dollars behind this important ground game,” DeSantis said.

    DeSantis also said that the Republican Party needs to become less “consultant driven” and focus more on the needs of the voters.

    “This money that’s going in needs to go to ultimately winning elections and not to be lining the pocket of so many consultants. So we need huge transparency on that,” said DeSantis.”You can’t have incentives to where the campaigns and the operations are run with an eye to putting more money in the pocket of the consultant class. And obviously, they’re very powerful in D.C.”

    “There’s not a lot of trust between the grassroots and the RNC up in D.C. In fact, when I would do fundraising, I’d raise money for the Republican Party of Florida, we would do good, but if I did fundraising for me instead of for the party, we’d raise much more money, because they trust the people that they see doing the job,” he added.

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    Fox Reporter Makes Emotional Return to TV Nearly a Year After Horrific Injury



    Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall revealed what saved his life in his first on-air interview since a bomb blast outside of Kyiv, Ukraine, killed two of his colleagues and nearly claimed his life as well.

    Hall joined hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade on Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends” to talk about his experience, his continuing recovery, and the nine words he’s credited with saving his life.


    On March 14, 2022, Hall was seriously injured in the Russian attack that killed Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova. He ultimately lost both feet, part of one leg, the use of one hand, and the vision in one eye — but during Thursday’s interview, he revealed what had pushed him to survive, to make it home, and to get back to broadcasting.

    Thanking all those who had flooded him with their kind words and prayers, Hall said that the key to recovery was simple: “I think that when you’ve gone through something like I’ve gone through, the highs, the lows, you have to have a target, you have to get something to fight for.”

    He went on to detail the first moments following the blast, immediately after everything around him had “gone dark,” by reading an excerpt from his upcoming memoir: “Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission To Make It Home.”

    If I had the slightest iota of consciousness, it was a distant sense of shock waves and the feeling that every part of my body — bones, organs, sinew, my soul — had been knocked out of me. I was all but dead but improbably, out of this crippling nothingness, a figure came through, and I heard a familiar voice, as real as anything I’d ever known. “Daddy, you’ve got to get out of the car.”

    Hall said that in that moment, he saw his daughters — and he crawled out of the car. Just as he got himself out, another shell landed a direct hit on the car.

    “They brought me back, and I found the strength. I opened my eyes and managed to crawl out of the car. And then the third bomb hit the car itself. If it weren’t for them bringing me back, there is no way I would be here today,” he said.

    Hall then revealed that the cameraman, Zakrzewski, had also gotten out of the car — and the two of them talked as they waited and hoped that help would arrive. “The two of us laid there for about 40 minutes, and talked, he passed away,” Hall said.

    In the days, weeks, and even months that followed, Hall explained the risky civilian operation that got him out of Ukraine — and credited the military hospitals at Landstuhl Air Force Base in Germany and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, for rebuilding him in both body and mind.

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    Here’s How George Soros Funds ‘Fact Checkers’ to Silence Dissent



    Over the past few years, a cottage industry of “fact checkers” and “misinformation” experts has emerged to advance the left’s mission of silencing dissent to its agenda around the world. Analysis of the funding of these organizations leads back to a familiar figure: left-wing billionaire George Soros.

    The New York Post broke down the trail of Soros dollars linking a global network of organizations intent on suppressing and discrediting conservative voices online.

    Via the New York Post:

    Later in the year, heading into the midterms, in an open letter signed by 11 other leftist groups, the Soros-funded Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights called on Big Tech CEOs to take “immediate” action to spread so-called “voting disinformation” to “help prevent the undermining” of democracy. The signatories had received a combined $30.3 million from Soros in just a four-year period.

    As the Hungarian publication Remix revealed, of the 11 Facebook-approved fact checking organizations for Central and Eastern Europe, eight were funded by Soros. As is the case for the US, these fact checking groups are largely critical of the political right.

    One project of the Poynter Institute specifically, the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), was launched in 2015 with its initial funding coming from the National Endowment for Democracy (backed by the US State Department), the Omidyar Network, Google, Facebook, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

    “Fact checking” is an important element in the left’s online censorship machine, giving social media companies a politically neutral pretext so censor conservative viewpoints.

    Facebook notoriously uses fact checkers to dodge responsibility for censorship, even though its infamous decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story took place before any third party fact checkers had weighed in. In court, Facebook has admitted that fact checks, despite their pretense of impartiality and objectivity, are just opinions.

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    5 Memphis Police Officers Charged in Man’s Death — City Braces for Possible Riots



    Five former Memphis Police Department officers are in custody and face several charges after their involvement in the death of a 29-year-old male, who died earlier this month in a hospital days after a confrontation with authorities.

    Tyre Nichols died on January 10, three days after Memphis police pulled him over in a traffic stop, local media reported. Nichols, and the five former police officers involved, are black.

    Authorities stopped Nichols on January 7 for “reckless driving” near Raines Road and Ross Road in Memphis, Fox News reported.

    Police told local media that during the stop, a “confrontation occurred,” at which point Nichols ran away from police on foot as they attempted to apprehend him.

    “While attempting to take the suspect into custody, another confrontation occurred; however, the suspect was ultimately apprehended,” MPD said. “Afterward the suspect complained of having shortness of breath, at which point an ambulance was called to the scene.”

    Officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmit Martin III, Desmond Mills, Jr., and Justin Smith have all been charged with two counts of official misconduct, local media reported, with one count of official oppression, second-degree murder, aggravated assault-act in concert, and two counts of aggravated kidnapping.

    Local media reported authorities were charged with “official misconduct [through] unauthorized exercise of official power, official misconduct [through] failure to perform a duty imposed by law, official oppression, second-degree murder, aggravated assault – act in concert, aggravated kidnapping causing bodily injury, and aggravated kidnapping while possessing a weapon.”

    Local media reported that Haley and Martin are in jail on a $350,000 bond, while Smith, Mills, and Bean were booked on a $250,000 bond.

    Attorney Bill Massey, representing Martin, told local media he was indicted and turned himself in to authorities.

    Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis issued a statement Wednesday night about the investigation.

    “In light of the horrific circumstances surrounding the death of Tyre Nichols, it is absolutely incumbent upon me, your chief, to address the status of what the Memphis Police Department is doing, has done, and will continue to do in furtherance of finding truth in this tragic loss, ensuring we communicate with honesty and transparency, and that there is absolute accountability for those responsible for Tyre’s death,” Davis said.

    “This is not just a professional failing,” Davis said, according to Fox News. “This is a failing of basic humanity toward another individual,” adding the five officers involved in Nichols’ death, “failed our community, and they failed the Nichols family.”

    Davis further noted Nichols’ death as “heinous, reckless, and inhumane,” saying the video footage of Nichols’ confrontation with authorities would be released in the coming days “in the vein of transparency.”

    “I expect you to feel what the Nichols family feels,” Davis said. “I expect you to feel outraged by the disregard for basic human rights as our police officers have taken an oath to do the opposite of what transpired on the video.”

    Davis asked the public to refrain from violently reacting upon the release of the footage.

    Family members of Nichols viewed the police body cam footage on Monday.

    Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, representing Nichols’ family members, called the video “appalling, heinous, violent, and troublesome” in a press conference, adding that Nichols’ mother could not sit through more than a minute of the video.

    Memphis residents told The Daily Wire about concerns surrounding protests and riots from groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa activists in the aftermath of the video of Nichols’ confrontation with authorities.

    Since the Shelby County District Attorney confirmed its new George Soros-backed district attorney, Steven Mulory, residents have claimed crime in Memphis has increased while punishment for criminals has decreased.

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told The Daily Wire authorities have “no insight” on reports of protests or riots forming.

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    Trump Warns “World War III” in Response to Biden’s Latest Ukraine Escalation



    Former President Donald Trump has called for the war in Ukraine to end, following President Joe Biden’s announcement that the US would be sending Abrams tanks to the wartorn eastern European country.

    “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW,” Trump posted to Truth Social. “So easy to do!”

    Biden announced on Wednesday that his administration would be sending off tanks to aid in the fight against Russian aggression. The announcement came shortly after German councilor Olag Scholz announced that his nation would be sending Leopard 2 tanks.

    “Germany didn’t force me to change my mind,” Biden replied with a smirk. “We wanted to make sure we are all together.”

    “I’m announcing that the United States will be sending thirty-one Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the equivalent of one Ukrainian battalion,” Biden said, adding that the move was recommended by his defense secretary Lloyd Austin.

    The US has thus far provided Ukraine with several emergency funding packages, with the largest being worth $40 billion. This also includes $3.75 billion that was sent to kick off 2023, including billions in heavy weaponry.

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    Adam Schiff Announces Senate Run in California



    Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff on Thursday announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

    “Our democracy is at great risk. Because GOP leaders care more about power than anything else,” Schiff tweeted, sharing a video announcing his campaign. “We’re in the fight of our lives—a fight I’m ready to lead as California’s next U.S. Senator.”

    Schiff was re-elected to a seventh term in November, now representing California’s 30th Congressional District. A high-profile lawmaker, he was the chairman of the House Intelligence committee between 2019 and 2022 and a foil for Republicans during the first impeachment investigation against former President Donald Trump.

    His campaign announcement video highlights his record going after Trump, whom he refers to as a “dangerous demagogue.” Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Schiff as a lead impeachment manager for Trump’s impeachment trial in 2020, and he led a team of seven House lawmakers who presented evidence to the Senate arguing in favor of convicting Trump on charges of abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress and removing him from office.

    Republicans heavily criticized Schiff for his actions as the lead investigator in Trump’s impeachment inquiry. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said that Schiff “openly lied to the American people” and abused his authority as chairman of the House Intelligence panel. In September 2019, Schiff infuriated Republicans by grossly exaggerating the contents of a telephone call in which Trump allegedly coerced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate his 2020 rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter. He later described his summary of Trump’s phone call as a “parody.”

    In retaliation for Schiff’s conduct, McCarthy removed him from the Intelligence Committee in the 118th Congress.

    Schiff joins Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., who announced she is running for the seat earlier this month.

    Feinstein, 89, has not yet announced plans to run for re-election. She is currently the oldest serving senator and is widely expected to announce in the coming months that she will not seek another term in office.

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    WATCH: The View Co-Hosts Are Silenced After ‘Fart’ Erupts Live on Air



    It was an even more chaotic show Wednesday on ‘The View’ after viewers heard a large fart noise during the live broadcast.

    The interruption in the middle of the show was accompanied by an unexplained puddle of water as the ladies were just beginning to discuss the classified documents found inside the home of former Vice President Mike Pence.

    In a segment during the show, host Whoopi Goldberg can be seen pointing out the puddle of water to co-host Sara Haines, prompting Haines to move her chair which is when the noise is heard.

    The incident is just the latest in a series of hilarious and chaotic mishaps on the show, which includes a previous time when Goldberg was caught passing gas.

    The latest fart noise came just after former Donald Trump associate Alyssa Farah Griffin began to say her piece on the documents found at Pence’s home.

    Griffith, who also worked as the former press secretary for Pence, was sharing her astonishment on the news when Goldberg began pointing out the water to Haines.

    Goldberg can be seen pointing to a rather large puddle on the desk and quietly saying ‘umm’ as Haines jumps back, saying ‘oop.’

    Haines quickly begins to move, shifting her chair, which is when the sound rips.

    Co-host Joy Behar then looks over as Griffith, still attempting to speak coherently about Pence, begins to laugh at the situation.

    ‘We had a little spillage on the other side of the table,’ Griffith says, laughing.

    ‘Now it’s on my pants,’ Haines replies.

    Haines and Goldberg, seated on the opposite side of the table from Griffith, then spent the next several minutes cleaning up the mess.

    The two ladies use their topic cards to push the water off the table.

    The situation may have hit a nerve with the ladies who do continue on as normal and not mention the water or the flatulent sound again.

    It could also have been that the ladies of ‘The View’ were unfazed by the scene as chaos and hilarious accidents have become commonplace on the show.

    Watch at 4:26:

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    Pelosis Dumped Google Stock Weeks Before Justice Department Unveiled Antitrust Lawsuit



    Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) disclosed a sale of 30,000 shares in Google’s parent company, Alphabet, roughly one month before the Justice Department opened an antitrust lawsuit into the technology firm.

    Federal regulators claimed in the Tuesday complaint that Google monopolizes the tools website publishers use to sell advertisements and that companies utilize to purchase advertisements. Pelosi, who resigned from her leadership position but remains a member of Congress, sold 10,000 shares of Alphabet Class A stock on December 20, December 21, and December 28, according to federal disclosures, marking a combined transaction value between $1.5 million and $3 million. The disclosures were digitally signed by the lawmaker on January 12.

    Although shares for Google have increased roughly 8% over the past month, the company’s stock price declined some 6% this week as news of the antitrust lawsuit became public.

    Officials claimed that Google has engaged in a “pattern of acquisitions to obtain control over key digital advertising tools” and has manipulated auctions to “deprive rivals of scale.” Such moves may violate the Sherman Act, which outlaws “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize” deemed unreasonable by the court system. Google said in a statement that the Justice Department lawsuit attempts to “pick winners and losers” in the “highly competitive” advertising technology space.

    Pelosi and her husband, Paul, have been repeatedly accused of leveraging insider knowledge that the veteran lawmaker holds in order to increase earnings in the stock market. The filing also revealed that the top Democrat sold shares of Netflix, PayPal, Salesforce, Tesla, and Disney.

    Paul Pelosi appeared to have cut losses in software company Nvidia last year before the United States placed new restrictions on computer chip sales to China and Russia. He sold 25,000 shares of Nvidia on July 26 at an average price of $165.05, causing a loss of $341,365, according to a set of disclosures. One month later, Nvidia revealed that the government imposed export restrictions on the company’s A100 and forthcoming H100 circuits. The new regulations will “address the risk that the covered products may be used in, or diverted to, a ‘military end use’ or ‘military end user’ in China and Russia,” Nvidia said in a regulatory filing.

    The couple has also placed stock market bets in the middle of heated policy debates in Congress. In 2021, Paul Pelosi bought over $6 million in options contracts related to technology stocks while lawmakers worked on antitrust legislation.

    Asset purchases from members of Congress and their immediate families amounted to $267 million in 2021, according to a report from the New York Times’ DealBook, while sales amounted to $364 million. Officials working at the Federal Reserve have also faced criticism for purchasing individual stocks amid their work to chart the nation’s monetary policy.

    Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) recently introduced the Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments Act, also known as the PELOSI Act, in order to address the phenomenon of lawmakers using inside information to benefit financially. The legislation would ban politicians from holding individual stocks, diversified mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. “For too long, politicians in Washington have taken advantage of the economic system they write the rules for, turning profits for themselves at the expense of the American people,” Hawley said in a news release.

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