Trans Collegiate Sprinter Switches to Women’s Team, Breaks Record
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A transgender sprinter, who formerly competed against males in high school, is now competing on his college’s women’s track and field team, and earlier this month set a school record.

Sadie Schreiner, who formerly went by Camden Schreiner, is permitted to compete with and against female track and field athletes at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), despite being a male. Schreiner identifies as transgender.

Notably, Schreiner is now only referred to as “Sadie Rose” on RIT’s athletics website.

“New school record‼️,” RIT celebrated Schreiner on its track and field Instagram page last week. “Sophomore Sadie Schreiner set a new record in the 300m dash last Friday at Nazareth, clocking in a time of 41.80s.”

The comments on the post have been turned off by the school.

Rochester radio host Bob Lonsberry said Schreiner would have landed in 41st place if he were still competing against males.

“This biological male finished first in the women’s 300 meter at the Nazareth Alumni Invitational with a time of 41.80 which, if he’d run against other biological males, would have had him finishing 41st, second from last, 6.4 seconds behind the winner,” Lonsberry posted to X, formerly Twitter.

Social media was lit up with reactions following Schreiner’s win against the females athletes.

“Meet Camden. A male who just broke the women’s 300m record on his college’s women’s track team. Before he pretended to be a woman, he competed on the men’s team in highschool where was ranked in 19th place,” popular X account “Libs of TikTok” posted. “Why is [RIT] allowing a man to steal women’s track records.”

Former collegiate swimmer-turned-advocate Riley Gaines mocked trans activists’ claim that transgender athletes almost “never” beat out female athletes, particularly after swapping male for female teams.

“New collegiate school record in women’s 300m at [RIT] !!! Except it was set by a male,” Gaines said. “This happens a lot for something that never happens.”

Gaines recently testified before Congress to aggressively defend Title IX, rejecting the Biden administration’s proposed rewrite of the law, which would effectively broaden the definition of sex to include “gender identity.”

The proposed changes would rewrite Title IX in such a way that policies banning biological males who identify as trans from competing with or against females would now be in violation of law. Issuing such sex distinctions to protect girls sports, therefore, could strip a school of its funding. The rule would be applied to public K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions that receive federal funding.

“Not only do women have to worry about losing out on opportunities and being exploited in locker rooms, allowing men into women’s sports also puts girls at greater risk of injury,” Gaines said during her opening statement. “In September of last year, North Carolina volleyball player Payton McNabb suffered serious injury after a trans-identified male player spiked a ball at her head, rendering her unconscious. Payton experienced extensive trauma to her head and neck and long-term concussion symptoms. Still to this day, a year and three-ish months later, she is still partially paralyzed on her right side, her vision is impaired, and she isn’t playing college sports, like she had dreamed of.”

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  • FEMAL says:

    Chick with a DICK! Ladies when this happens beat the crap out HIM and break his arms! HE will never swim again in competition. Can’t make it as a man and parades around as a girl.

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    Report: Houthis Cut 3 Underwater Cables in Red Sea



    Founder & CEO of OpenCables Sunil Tagare posted on X:

    3 submarine cables cut in the Red Sea between Jeddah and Djibouti. AAE-1, EIG and SEACOM/TGN-Eurasia are down. Note: Authorities looking at potential terror link.

    Confirmed: Submarine cables cut by Houthis in Yemen waters.

    To repair the cables, need permission from Yemen to enter their waters

    Insurance companies have canceled insurance for cable ships to ply in Yemen waters

    No maintenance cable ships willing to do repairs

    Cable ships cost $60-&100 million each. Who will take the risk?

    Who is Sunil Tagare?

    Sunil Tagare is a telecom and internet entrepreneur known for his involvement in significant projects in the global telecommunications industry. He played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of undersea cable systems, which are essential for international telecommunications. Tagare is particularly recognized for his work on FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe), an undersea fiber optic cable network that was one of the first to offer high-capacity, intercontinental connections.

    Tagare’s career encompasses roles in project development, financing, and strategic planning within the telecom sector. His expertise in the undersea cable industry is well-regarded, and he has contributed to discussions on telecommunications infrastructure, connectivity, and the evolution of global networks. Additionally, he has written and spoken about the challenges and opportunities in expanding internet access and telecom services to underserved regions.

    Beyond his contributions to undersea cable projects, Tagare has been involved in various ventures and discussions related to technology, telecommunications policy, and infrastructure development. He is often seen as a thought leader in the space, offering insights into future trends and the impact of telecommunications on global connectivity.

    Rising Tide of Conflict

    On December 24th, 2023, a Telegram channel linked to the Houthis published a map showing the networks of submarine communications cables in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Persian Gulf. The image was accompanied by an ominous message: “There are maps of international cables connecting all regions of the world through the sea. It seems that Yemen is in a strategic location, as internet lines that connect entire continents — not only countries—pass near it.”

    Though the statement did not specify a target, the threat coincides with perhaps the Houthis’ most aggressive military campaign against vessels in the Red Sea. Since mid-October 2023, the group has launched more than 100 drones and missiles at vessels transiting through the Bab el-Mandeb, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden. The attacks have been so disruptive that at least one major shipping company, Maersk, announced that it would suspend shipping through the Red Sea and Suez Canal “until further notice.” Diverted ships must instead sail around Africa, significantly raising transit times and shipping costs; these costs will almost certainly be passed on to consumers, hiking prices worldwide for a variety of commodities. Although high-level U.S. officials stressed that they had not yet observed price increases due to the blockage, the crisis ultimately prompted the United States to create a new international maritime task force focused on stopping the group’s attacks.

    Despite this show of force, it does not appear that the Houthis have any intention of stopping their attacks. In early December, the group threatened to attack any ships transiting through the Red Sea to Israel, regardless of their nationality. In the weeks since, they have attacked neutral vessels, promising to continue as long as Israeli forces remain active in Gaza.

    As the Gaza war has threatens to escalate across the Middle East, the communications cables running underneath the Red Sea have come under increased scrutiny from the Houthis and their allies. On Telegram, both Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran-backed militias in Iraq released their own statements that suggested they would consider cutting the cables—a step that would mark a new evolution in the regional conflict.

    Cutting the Cord

    Many people—both in the Middle East and across the world more generally—take for granted the modern comforts provided by undersea cables. In the twenty-first century, these cables serve as some of the world’s most critical digital infrastructure—servicing more than 95 percent of international data flows and communications—including an estimated $10 trillion in financial transactions every day. Even partial damage to the undersea cables could eliminate internet access across vast areas, causing major economic disruptions for entire countries.

    Even more concerning for the Gulf Cooperation Council states, the United States, and Washington’s allies, damaging these cables could cut off military or government communications. The cables are the only hardware with enough bandwidth to accommodate the terabytes of military sensor data that inform ongoing operations. In the years to come, as technologies like artificial intelligence develop, the amount of data required to sustain advanced military operations will only increase.

    Yemen sits at a critical juncture for these cables. Much as the Bab el-Mandeb acts like a chokepoint for maritime traffic above the waves, the region is one of only three cable chokepoints in the world, making threats to this infrastructure of particular concern to great powers like China and the United States, who are already competing for control over the cable network.

    This article was updated.

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    NYT: CIA Maintains 12 Secret Bases in Ukraine, CIA Head Was in Kyiv Last Week



    The US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) maintains 12 secret bases in Ukraine along the border with Russia, and last Thursday CIA chief William Burns made his 10th secret visit to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

    The NYT reports that before the full-scale war, the Ukrainians proved themselves to the Americans by collecting intercepted data that helped prove Russian involvement in the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner in 2014.

    Around 2016, the CIA began training an elite Ukrainian special forces unit known as Unit 2245, which captured Russian drones and communications equipment so that CIA technicians could reverse-engineer them and crack Moscow’s encryption systems. According to the NYT, one of the officers in this unit was the current head of Defence Intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov.

    The CIA also helped train a new generation of Ukrainian spies who worked in Russia, throughout Europe, and in Cuba and other places where Russians have a significant presence.

    According to The New York Times, the details of the partnership between the Ukrainian and American intelligence agencies have been a closely guarded secret for a decade.

    “Now these intelligence networks are more important than ever, as Russia is on the offensive and Ukraine is more dependent on sabotage and long-range missile strikes that require spies far behind enemy lines. And they are increasingly at risk. If Republicans in Congress end military funding to Kyiv, the CIA may have to scale back.

    To try to reassure Ukrainian leaders, William J. Burns, the CIA director, made a secret visit to Ukraine last Thursday, his 10th visit since the invasion.”

    The NYT reports that the partnership between the CIA and Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) began in late February 2014, when former president Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia. This cooperation was proposed by Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who became the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

    US rules prohibited intelligence agencies from providing Ukraine with any support that could be “reasonably expected” to have lethal consequences. However, the red lines were never precisely clear, creating constant tension in the partnership.

    In Kyiv, Nalyvaichenko picked a longtime aide, General Valerii Kondratiuk, to head the DIU, and they created a new paramilitary unit that was deployed behind the Russian aggressor’s lines to conduct operations and gather intelligence that the CIA or MI6 could not provide.

    After an incident that occurred when Budanov’s group entered Crimea in 2016, the Americans became very angry and threatened to close the programme down.

    After that, the then head of the CIA, John Brennan, called General Kondratiuk to re-emphasise the red lines. The general was upset. “It’s our war, and we’ve got to fight,” he replied, according to a colleague. According to the NYT, Washington’s reaction cost Kondratiuk his post.

    The NYT notes that under Donald Trump’s presidency, the CIA and DIU’s cooperation expanded to include more specialised training programmes and the construction of additional secret bases.

    The relationship was so successful that the CIA wanted to replicate it with other European intelligence services that share common interests in countering Russia.

    The head of Russia House, the CIA’s department that oversees operations against Russia, organised a secret meeting in The Hague. Representatives of the CIA, Britain’s MI6, the DIU, the Dutch service and other agencies agreed to pool their intelligence on Russia. The result was a secret coalition against Russia, and the Ukrainians were important members of it.

    Starting in November 2021, the CIA and MI6 sent messages to their Ukrainian counterparts that Russia was preparing for a full-scale invasion to decapitate the government and install a puppet in Kyiv who would do the Kremlin’s bidding. The intelligence listed the names of Ukrainian officials whom the Russians planned to kill or capture, as well as Ukrainians whom the Kremlin hoped to put in power.

    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and some of his top advisers “appeared unconvinced”, even after CIA director William Burns travelled to Kyiv in January 2022 to brief them. As the Russian invasion approached, CIA and MI6 officers made final visits to Kyiv with their Ukrainian counterparts. One of the M16 officers teared up in front of the Ukrainians, fearing that the Russians would kill them, the NYT reports.

    At this time, “the old handcuffs were off, and the Biden White House authorised spy agencies to provide intelligence support for lethal operations against Russian forces on Ukrainian soil,” the article says.

    The article also quotes a senior Ukrainian official as saying that in at least one case, the CIA shared intelligence with Ukraine which helped foil a plot against President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

    Later, some of the CIA officers were sent to Ukrainian bases. They reviewed lists of potential Russian targets that the Ukrainians were preparing to strike, comparing the information that the Ukrainians had with US intelligence to ensure its accuracy.

    Recently, however, with the delay in the approval of the US aid package, Ukrainian intelligence officials have been asking their American colleagues whether the US is about to abandon them.

    Speaking about Burns’ visit to Kyiv last week, a CIA spokesperson said: “We have demonstrated a clear commitment to Ukraine over many years, and this visit was another strong signal that the US commitment will continue.”

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    WATCH: Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilians Flood Sao Paulo to Support Bolsonaro



    Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians rallied on Sunday in the country’s biggest city to show support for former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who flew an Israeli flag in a rebuttal of anti-Semitic remarks made by the country’s current president, corrupt socialist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

    The rally comes as Brazil’s federal government investigates Bolsonaro over whether he was involved in orchestrating riots on government buildings last January, the Associated Press reported, adding that he’s also under investigation for allegedly receiving illegal gifts from Saudi Arabia during his presidency.

    Bolsonaro, who is barred from running for office until 2030, wants those who have been locked up from the riot to be pardoned and released from jail.

    “What I seek is pacification, it is erasing the past,” he said.

    “It is to seek a way for us to live in peace and stop being so jumpy. Amnesty for those poor people who are jailed in Brasilia. We ask all 513 congressmen, 81 senators for a bill of amnesty so justice can be made in Brazil.”

    He also shot down allegations that there was ever a coup attempted in the country: “What is a coup? It is tanks on the streets, weapons, conspiracy. None of that happened in Brazil.”

    Roughly 750,000 people attended the rally, according to estimates from the Public Security Secretariat.


    Bolsonaro also waved an Israeli flag at the rally in a clear rebuttal of Lula, who was condemned last week for engaging in anti-Semitic Holocaust denial.

    Lula’s remarks come as Israel continues to conduct military operations inside Gaza to recover hostages who were kidnapped during the unprecedented October 7 terrorist attack and to eliminate Hamas terrorists and infrastructure. During the early morning surprise attack, Hamas murdered 1,200 people in Israel, injured 5,300+, and kidnapped hundreds.

    “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip isn’t a war, it’s a genocide,” Lula told reporters at an African Union summit in Ethiopia. “It’s not a war of soldiers against soldiers. It’s a war between a highly prepared army and women and children.”

    “What’s happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people hasn’t happened at any other moment in history,” he said. “Actually, it has happened: when Hitler decided to kill the Jews.”

    Israel has taken unprecedented measures to minimize the loss of civilian life during the war, including dropping hundreds of thousands of leaflets urging Gazans to leave specific areas, calling Gazans and urging them to evacuate, opening up safe corridors so they can travel without being fired upon by Hamas, and calling off airstrikes after civilians were located near a designated target.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Lula’s remarks with a statement posted to social media, saying that Israel would take diplomatic action over the incident.

    “The words of the president of Brazil are shameful and serious. This is about trivializing the Holocaust and trying to harm the Jewish people and Israel’s right to defend itself,” Netanyahu said. “Comparing Israel to the Nazi Holocaust and Hitler is crossing a red line. Israel fights for its defense and securing its future until complete victory and it does so while upholding international law.”

    “I decided with Foreign Minister Israel Katz to summon the Brazilian ambassador to Israel for a stern reprimand conversation immediately,” he added.

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    Here’s How Trump’s Attorney Gained Access to Nathan Wade’s Phone Records



    Journalist Anna Bower posted on X:

    How Trump got the phone records

    Last week, Mike Roman’s counsel, Ashleigh Merchant, told Judge McAfee that she sent a subpoena to Wade’s phone provider, AT&T, on or about Feb. 9.

    That tracks with the affidavit of Trump and Roman’s private investigator.


    Bower reached out to Roman’s counsel, Merchant, who told her that she signed a subpoena for the phone records.

    The district attorney’s office, for its part, hasn’t disputed the idea that the records were obtained pursuant to a subpoena.

    Merchant also told Bower that her access to Wade’s phone records had nothing to do with his ongoing divorce case.

    That tracks with the law: As a defense attorney for a client with an upcoming evidentiary hearing, Merchant herself would be able to send out subpoenas for documents.

    GA defense attorneys routinely issue subpoenas for phone records.

    They just fill out the subpoena form and serve it on the phone carrier.

    Typically, the carrier sends a notice to the person whose records are being subpoenaed.

    That person can then move to quash the subpoena.

    AT&T produced the records on Feb. 15.


    When the state—a government entity—seeks access to historic cell site location information from a phone carrier, they are required to obtain a court order backed by probable cause.

    That principle comes from a Supreme Court case called Carpenter v. United States (2018).

    But the Fourth Amendment—and the decision in Carpenter—generally only applies against state actors.

    What’s more, individuals generally have no reasonable expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment if they turn over information to a third party, like a phone carrier.

    So while the DA’s office would generally need a warrant to lawfully obtain someone’s historical cell site location information under the Fourth Amendment, Ashleigh Merchant does not.

    She’s a criminal defense attorney, not a state actor.

    Beyond constitutional law, there are statutes that regulate what phone companies can turn over to third parties.

    The Stored Communications Act, for example, provides protections against disclosure of the contents of customer communications—i.e., what you wrote in a text.

    But the SCA distinguishes between “content” and “non-content” customer records.

    Cell site location information is a “non-content” record.

    The statute permits disclosure of such “non-content” customer records to non-governmental persons like Merchant. 18 USC 2702(c)(6).

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    Billionaire Koch Network Stops Funding Nikki Haley Campaign



    Americans for Prosperity Action, the network backed by billionaire Charles Koch, is pausing its financial support of GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s campaign a day after she lost to former President Donald Trump in her home-state primary in South Carolina.

    AFP Action said it still endorses Haley for president but now its support will only come in the form of words — not cash.

    “Given the challenges in the primary states ahead, we don’t believe any outside group can make a material difference to widen her path to victory,” AFP Action CEO Emily Seidel wrote in an email to staff, first reported by Politico. “And so while we will continue to endorse her, we will focus our resources where we can make the difference.”

    AFP Action closing its wallet is the next nail in the coffin for the former South Carolina governor who has taken a series of hits since the start of the election year. Along with AFP Action, billionaire Reid Hoffman has also stopped funding Haley’s presidential bid.

    Despite the setbacks, Haley has pledged to stay in the race through Super Tuesday on March 5. Her campaign said that AFP Action pulling funding has not changed that calculus and that it still has the resources to stay afloat.

    “AFP is a great organization and ally in the fight for freedom and conservative government. We thank them for their tremendous help in this race,” Haley’s campaign said in a statement on Sunday.

    “Our fight continues, and with more than $1 million coming in from grassroots conservatives in just the last 24 hours, we have plenty of fuel to keep going. We have a country to save.”

    AFP Action will instead channel its resources to finance Republican campaigns on the congressional level. It has so far endorsed five candidates running for Senate and 19 candidates running for House seats.

    “With the South Carolina presidential primary this weekend and the Senate engagement really heating up,” Seidel wrote in the email. “It’s time to take stock of where we are and – as we always do – make sure we’re optimizing our resources.”

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    Draft RNC Resolution Would Block Paying Trump Legal Bills



    A prominent Republican National Committee member is proposing two resolutions that would put some distance between the national party and former President Donald Trump — at least for a little bit longer.

    The first resolution from Henry Barbour — a longtime member from Mississippi — would prohibit the national party from coordinating with Trump or fundraising with his campaign until he wins enough delegates to be the party’s presumptive nominee.

    The draft resolution, in part, states: “The Republican National Committee and its leadership will stay neutral throughout the Presidential primary and not take on additional staff from any of the active Presidential campaigns until a nominee is clearly determined by reaching 1,215 delegates.”

    Although Trump has won all of the Republican Party’s primaries and caucuses so far, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has insisted that she plans to stay in the race awhile longer.

    Trump has already proposed that his current campaign co-manager, Chris LaCivita, take the reins of the RNC as its chief operating officer. This proposed resolution, if passed by the RNC’s 168-member body, would slow down the process of Trump’s team effectively taking over the RNC.

    Unlike the Biden campaign and the DNC, the Trump campaign and the RNC have yet to launch a joint fundraising committee, which allows the two entities to better coordinate and advance mutual financial interests.

    The Trump campaign released a statement Saturday expressing its disapproval of Barbour’s measure.

    “The primary is over and it is the RNC’s sole responsibility to defeat Joe Biden and win back the White House,” LaCivita said. “Efforts to delay that assist Joe Biden in the destruction of our nation. Republicans cannot stand on the sidelines and allow this to happen.”

    Late last month, another RNC member had floated a resolution to declare Trump the party’s “presumptive” nominee. After some controversy — and Trump himself weighing in on social media that the RNC should not adopt it — the member withdrew it.

    Barbour is also proposing a second resolution that would bar the RNC from paying Trump’s legal bills. If passed, it would declare: “The Republican National Committee will not pay the legal bills of any of our candidates for any federal or state office, but will focus our spending on efforts directly related to the 2024 election cycle.”

    Before a campaign rally for Trump on Friday, LaCivita also committed that the RNC would not pay for Trump’s legal-related expenses when the campaign and the RNC merge their efforts.

    “No,” LaCivita responded repeatedly when asked about the potential use of funds.

    “We brought forth these two resolutions to make sure there is a serious discussion about protecting the primary process while there are still two candidates competing and preventing the RNC from paying the legal bills of any political candidate unrelated to the election cycle,” Barbour said in a statement to NBC News on Saturday.

    The RNC’s members will convene in Houston on March 7 and 8 and could potentially vote on the pair of resolutions at that time.

    It is also unclear when, or if, Ronna McDaniel will resign from her post as chairwoman. In early February, Trump called for her to be replaced by Michael Whatley, a RNC member from North Carolina, but it is up to McDaniel to resign — or for the RNC members to remove her from her position.

    Whatley traveled with Trump aboard his plane from South Carolina to Washington, D.C., for the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, according to a source familiar with his travels.

    The RNC members could also vote on new party leadership in Houston.

    But there’s a further potential complication facing Trump allies to take over the RNC: If McDaniel resigns, Trump-endorsed Whatley could face a challenge by current RNC co-chair Drew McKissick for the party’s top spot.

    When asked repeatedly by NBC News in an interview on Saturday whether he would rule out his own bid for the chairmanship, McKissick declined to explicitly take such an effort off the table, though he acknowledged that whoever the Republican Party’s presidential nominee will be has a “big say” in the matter.

    “I’m with the team when it comes to this,” McKissick said. “This is all about putting together who’s going to be in the best slot to do whatever we need to do to win, and the nominee has a big say in that.”

    McKissick has already reached out to other RNC members to gauge their interest in supporting him for the RNC chair position. One year ago, McKissick handily bested Whatley — who also had Trump’s endorsement then — in the RNC vote to serve as the party’s co-chair.

    McKissick declined to say whether he’d endorse Whatley’s bid for RNC chair, instead calling the North Carolina Republican “a good friend” and embracing Trump’s role in ultimately determining RNC leadership.

    “When you get to putting together a team for a presidential campaign and the RNC, after you’ve got a nominee, things merge. After you’ve got a presumptive nominee, things begin to merge,” McKissick said. “So that comes down to leadership.”

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    WATCH: Elite Israeli Commandos Kill Hamas Terrorists with Grenades in ‘Call of Duty’-Style Combat Video



    New video shows Israel’s elite Egoz commando unit taking out a group of Hamas terrorists using grenades and a drone during a “Call of Duty”-esque battle in southern Gaza.

    Footage uploaded Sunday depicts the aftermath of a lengthy gunfight between the IDF commandos and two Hamas operatives who were hiding inside a building in Khan Younis.

    As the terrorists hunker in the dilapidated building, the Israeli soldiers deploy a drone that reveals the gunmen’s exact location amid the rubble.

    A commando is then able to accurately toss a grenade out of a window, killing the Hamas members.

    A quick inspection shows the downed terrorists, as well as the weapons they appeared to be transporting.

    In a separately filmed encounter, the Egoz unit takes out a pair of terrorists elsewhere in Khan Younis using a “pressure cooker” tactic in which they fire continuously at the Hamas gunmen inside a building.

    Footage of the aftermath shows the IDF troops scouting the building, firing several additional shots as they entered each room until they located the dead Hamas fighters.

    During the raid, the commandos located a weapons cache that included multiple Kalashnikov rifles and magazine ammunition, as well as several grenades and explosives, the IDF said.

    Khan Younis continues to see some of the most intense battles of the war as the IDF works to eliminate the remaining terror cells operating in southern Gaza’s largest city.

    The city has been the site of several Hamas tunnel systems where Israeli hostages had previously been held, according to the IDF, as well as the hiding place for several of the Islamist militant group’s top leaders.

    IDF estimates it has killed more than 12,000 Hamas operatives and decimated 18 of the terror group’s 24 battalions.

    Two of the remaining battalions are currently fighting in Central Gaza, and four others in Rafah, now southern Gaza’s most-populous city with more than 1.4 million refugees.

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    Judge Expelled from Bench After Reversing Man’s Rape Conviction



    An Illinois judge who reversed a teen’s sexual assault conviction for raping a sleeping 16-year-old has been removed from the bench.

    The Illinois Courts Commission removed Adams County Judge Robert Adrian from the bench Friday after it held a three-day hearing in Chicago following a complaint against him.

    Adrian had found then-18-year-old Drew Clinton of Taylor, Michigan, guilty of sexually assaulting 16-year-old Cameron Vaughan during a May 2021 graduation party in October 2021.

    But at the sentencing hearing, months after his conviction, Adrian said the boy had served ‘plenty’ of time behind bars – 148 days – and that while he couldn’t sentence him to time served, he could overturn the verdict and set him free.

    The decision from the courts commission said Adrian ‘engaged in multiple instances of misconduct’ and ‘abused his position of power to indulge his own sense of justice while circumventing the law.’

    The state Judicial Inquiry Board filed a complaint against Adrian after the judge threw out Clinton’s conviction in January 2022.

    Cameron, now 18 years old, waived her right to anonymity and said she passed out drunk in the basement and woke up to find Clinton sexually assaulting her while holding a pillow over her face.

    Clinton claimed they had consensual sex and that she was not as drunk as she claims she was.

    At the time, the judge said: ‘He has no prior record, none whatsoever. By law, the court is supposed to sentence this young man to the Department of Corrections… This court will not do that. That is not just. There is no way for what happened in this case that this teenager should go to the Department of Corrections. I will not do that.’

    According to the state’s law, Clinton should have served a minimum of four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

    The commission could have issued a reprimand, censure or suspension without pay, but its decision said it had ‘ample grounds’ for immediately removing Adrian from the bench in western Illinois’ Adams County.

    The complaint said Adrian had acknowledged he was supposed to impose the mandatory four-year sentence against Clinton, but that he would not send him to prison.

    Adrian was also accused of lying under oath about his reasons for reversing the conviction and of kicking out a prosecutor from the courtroom after they liked a social media post critical of the judge.

    The judge told the prosecutor: [‘I don’t get on social media, but my wife does, and she saw the thumbs-up you gave to people attacking me … I can’t be fair with you. Get out.’

    According to court transcripts, after he reversed Clinton’s conviction, Adrian blamed parents and adults for ‘having parties for teenagers, and they allow coeds and female people to swim in their underwear in their swimming pool. And, no, underwear is not the same as swimming suits.’

    He added: ‘It’s just — they allow 16-year-olds to bring liquor to a party. They provide liquor to underage people, and you wonder how these things happen. Well, that’s how these things happen. The court is totally disgusted with that whole thing.’

    Vaughan told the Chicago Tribune following Friday’s decision that she was ‘very happy that the commission could see all the wrong and all the lies that he told the entire time. I’m so unbelievably happy right now. He can´t hurt anybody else. He can’t ruin anyone else’s life.’

    Adrian said that the decision to remove him is ‘totally a miscarriage of justice. I did what was right. I’ve always told the truth about it.’

    Adams County court records show that Clinton’s guilty verdict was overturned because prosecutors had failed to meet the burden of proof to prove Clinton guilty.

    But in Friday’s decision, the commission wrote that it found Adrian’s claim that ‘he reversed his guilty finding based on his reconsideration of the evidence and his conclusion that the State had failed to prove its case to be a subterfuge – respondent’s attempt to justify the reversal post hoc.’

    Clinton cannot be tried again for the same crime under the Fifth Amendment. A motion to expunge Clinton’s record was denied in February 2023.

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    UPDATE: Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire Outside Israeli Embassy in Washington



    A man has set himself on fire outside of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.

    Authorities responded to the embassy around 1 p.m. on Sunday and found the man with burn injuries, the Metropolitan Police Department told

    He is in critical condition and was taken to the hospital by DC Fire and EMS with critical and life-threatening injuries.’

    A spokesperson from the Secret Service told, ‘The U.S. Secret Service, Uniformed Division responded to the 3400 Block of International Drive, NW, DC regarding an individual that was experiencing a possible medical / mental health emergency.’

    ‘DC Fire & EMS responded to the scene and treated the individual prior to transport to an area hospital.’

    The Metropolitan Police Department’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal was called to the scene in reference to a suspicious vehicle that may be connected to the person.

    Video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, showed first responders on the scene outside of the embassy.

    The investigation is ongoing.

    The Israeli embassy released a statement after the incident, reading: ‘On Sunday, 2/25, at around 1 PM, a man set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The man is unknown. No Embassy staff were injured and are safe.’

    A similar incident occurred in December when a pro-Palestine protestor set themselves ablaze outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta.

    The city’s police chief, Darin Schierbaum, described the incident as an ‘extreme act of political protest,’ and said a Palestinian flag was recovered from the scene.

    At least two people were injured in the act of self-immolation, including a security guard who attempted to intervene.


    An airman who had set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington in protest of civilian deaths in Gaza died of his injuries on Sunday night, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Air Force, Rose M. Riley, said on Monday.

    The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington identified the man as Aaron Bushnell, 25, of San Antonio. A U.S. Air Force spokeswoman, Ann Stefanek, had confirmed on Sunday night that he was an active-duty airman.

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    WATCH: Lindsey Graham Gets Booed During Trump Victory Speech in South Carolina



    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was met with boos from the audience during former President Trump’s victory speech in South Carolina on Saturday night.

    The senator, a longtime Trump ally, was met with the hostile reception after Trump introduced him on stage following his easy victory over rival Nikki Haley in the GOP presidential primary.

    Trump, in introducing the senator, said he calls Graham when he’s in “trouble on the left.”

    “He doesn’t do too much television,” Trump joked. “He happens to be a little bit further left than some of the people on this stage. But I always say when I’m in trouble on the left, I call up Lindsey Graham, and he straightens it out.”

    Graham then took to the mic, at which point he was booed loudly during his brief remarks.

    “This is the most qualified man to be president [of the] United States,” Graham said. “And let it be said that South Carolina created the biggest political comeback in American history.”

    With his South Carolina victory confirmed, Trump has now beaten Haley three times in a row.

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    Trump Receives Endorsement from No. 2 Senate Republican John Thune



    Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) announced he is endorsing former President Donald Trump after the former president’s win in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary on Saturday.

    Thune’s office confirmed to the Washington Examiner he is endorsing the former president on Sunday, making Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) the remaining holdouts in Senate GOP leadership.

    “The primary results in South Carolina make clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in this year’s pivotal presidential election. The choice before the American people is crystal clear: It’s Donald Trump or Joe Biden,” Thune said in a statement.

    “I support former President Trump’s campaign to win the presidency, and I intend to do everything I can to see that he has a Republican majority in the Senate working with him to restore American strength at home and abroad,” the statement continued.

    Thune also said that the “disastrous Biden-Schumer agenda” must be put to an end and said the country cannot handle “another four years of Bidenomics,” along with problems at the southern border and on the world stage.

    The endorsement from the Senate GOP’s no. 2 adds to Trump’s significant number of endorsements from Republican senators, representatives, and other elected officials.

    He has also received the endorsement of former opponents in the GOP primary, including Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

    While Ernst has not endorsed Trump, she said in January she was not ruling out an endorsement for the former president.

    McConnell and Trump have had bad blood in recent years, with both taking swipes at each other in public comments. McConnell has called Trump “diminished” after a poor showing among his candidates in the 2022 elections, while Trump has regularly attacked the Senate GOP leader and his wife.

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    Mercedes Ditches Plan to Only Sell Electric Vehicles



    Mercedes-Benz is scrapping its plans to only sell electric vehicles after 2030 as consumer demand for EVs remains lower than what automakers projected.

    The Verge said that the report showed a stunning turnaround for the German automaker from its pledge three years ago to completely phase out selling gas-powered vehicles by 2030 and to only sell EVs.

    “Customers and market conditions will set the pace of the transformation,” Mercedes said in its fourth quarter earnings statement.

    “The company plans to be in a position to cater to different customer needs, whether it’s an all-electric drivetrain or an electrified combustion engine, until well into the 2030s.”

    The report said that the company only expects EV sales to reach “up to 50%” of their total sales by that point, indicating that it could be even less than half.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose company is the world’s second largest EV manufacturer, said that Tesla expects to see significantly slower sales numbers this upcoming year.

    The news comes after The New York Times reported earlier this month that the Biden administration was preparing to ease its push to force EVs onto American consumers as consumer demand for the vehicles remains low, dealerships have expressed serious concerns, and automakers have had to cut production and revamp production of gas vehicles.

    The report said the move was a “concession to automakers and labor unions” from the administration as it was forcing “limits on tailpipe emissions” to force Americans to switch from gas-powered cars to more expensive electric vehicles — which often have performance issues in adverse weather conditions. The serious lack of charging stations, and the time it takes to recharge electric vehicles, are among other top complaints from consumers.

    Ford announced last month that it was making significant cuts — around 1,400 employees — to the number of workers who produce its once-touted F-150 Lightning truck at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center due to low customer demand.

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    Sylvester Stallone Announces He’s “Permanently” Leaving California and Moving to Florida



    Sylvester Stallone is “permanently” leaving California and is being welcomed with open arms in Florida.

    The “Rocky” icon made the announcement on the season two premiere of the reality show, “The Family Stallone.”

    “After long, hard consideration, your mother and I have decided, time to move on and leave the state of California permanently, and we’re going to go to Florida,” Sylvester told his three daughters: Scarlet, 21, Sistine, 25, and Sophia, 27 – referring to his wife of 26 years, Jennifer Flavin.

    He added, “We’re gonna sell this house. We already have the place, it’s a done deal.”

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, welcomed the Stallone family to Florida in a message on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday.

    “Welcome to the Free State of Florida!” Casey wrote alongside a clip of Stallone’s conversation with his daughters.

    “In addition to respecting and protecting your God-given, constitutional right to be free, you can also buy toothpaste without having an armed guard in CVS unlock it for you,” she added.

    In 2021, the Rambo actor purchased a sprawling $35.4 million home in Palm Beach, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

    Sly’s new Palm Beach home sits on approximately 1.5 lakefront acres, facing over 250 feet of beach with a dock, per the outlet.

    The total living space — including a main house, a guest house, and a pool pavilion near the keyhole-shaped pool in the backyard — is over 13,000 square feet. Between the main and guest spaces, the property counts seven bedrooms and 12 baths, per its listing.

    Since purchasing their home in Florida three years ago, Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin have been spending time in both Florida and California.

    Flavin spoke with Fox News Digital at the inaugural “Rocky Day” celebration in December about the couple’s relocation, saying, “It’s an incredible move, I have to say I’m really happy with our move and our change.”


    “I was born and raised there, two of our kids were born there, but now everyone’s out, our daughters moved to the East Coast … so there wasn’t really anything left for me in California,” she continued. “A few of our best friends also moved, so I think it’s [a] good change, just making new friends, living a totally different lifestyle, I love it, I’m really happy.”

    She wasn’t alone in her desire for a fresh start.

    In the opening scenes of his Netflix documentary, “Sly,” Stallone spoke about the decision to move, saying it was beneficial to his creativity.

    “I wasn’t moving because, ‘Oh, wow, I wanted another beautiful view.’ Any time changing that paradigm which you become used to, it’s literally to jump-start that process again,” he explained.

    Flavin also made it clear in her interview that change was the primary factor, not any concern over crime rates expressed by some celebrities.

    “There’s crime everywhere, there’s crime in Florida, too, so I didn’t move because of crime. You can find it anywhere you look, even in small towns,” the mother of three said.

    “I think California is probably the most beautiful state in the United States, I absolutely love it, but I just needed a change,” she added. “I felt like I’ve been there long enough, and life is short, so I wanted to make a change and not just be sitting in one house the rest of my life.”

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    BLM Co-Founder Brands Taylor Swift Fans as “Racists” and Chiefs Winning as “Right-Wing, White-Supremacist Conspiracy”



    The co-founder of a Black Lives Matter chapter has slammed Taylor Swift fans as ‘racists’ and referred to Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory as a ‘right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy’ in a series of posts on social media.

    Melina Abdullah, 51, a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, took to X, formerly Twitter, to unload her opinions on the pop singer and her athlete boyfriend over the course of two weeks.

    ‘Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?’ Abdullah wrote on February 11, the day of the Super Bowl.

    ‘I said FEEL, not think,’ she continued when another user asked her to elaborate. ‘Kind of like that feeling I get when there are too many American flags.’

    Hours later, after the Kansas City Chiefs were declared the winners, Abdullah wrote: ‘Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?! Booooooo!!!!’

    As her posts drummed up attention from other users, Abdullah doubled down on her stance. ‘Folks think they’re attacking me by asking why I think everything is racist…I’m not offended,’ she wrote. ‘Virtually everything is racist.’

    In response to one commenter, the advocate clarified: ‘And I’ve also decided to work with all my might and in a community of committed people to upend racism and oppression.’

    On February 23, Abdullah returned to social media to post a voice message sent by a man who blasted her as ‘a joke,’ ‘ignorant,’ and ‘what’s wrong with this country.’

    ‘How dare you throw out the racist ideas you throw out on a daily basis?’ shouted the man, who identified himself as Ethan George from Texas, before proclaiming that he wished she would ‘die.’

    ‘If this is what a tweet about Taylor Swift fans being “slightly racist” brings, I’ll edit myself…Y’all are full-fledged violent white-delusionists,’ Abdullah wrote.

    The 51-year-old is also a co-director of BLM’s advocacy wing, Black Lives Matter Grassroots.

    She sued the Los Angeles Police Department in 2020 after they descended on her home during a reported swatting incident.

    On August 19, 2020, the LAPD received a 911 call from someone who claimed he had taken people hostage in Abdullah’s Crenshaw home.

    In court documents filed with California Superior Court, the mother of three said she feared LAPD SWAT officers would fire their weapons into her home and hurt her children.

    She accused the LAPD of failing to contact her beforehand despite having her that contact information and claimed the department staged the incident in ‘retaliation’ for her activism.

    She added that police did not actually believe the claims of an ongoing hostage situation.

    As proof, Abdullah cited an instance where police allowed her security guard, whom officers did not know, to pass through a perimeter and enter the home as they staged around it.

    Two neighbors were also permitted to enter the home to check on her and walk alongside her as she walked out to speak with officers, the lawsuit claimed.

    Abdullah deemed the response ‘an attempt to put down protest, to target me as someone who’s been very visible and vocal in protesting LAPD.’

    She was swatted twice more after the lawsuit was announced.

    In a separate legal battle, Abdullah and BLM Grassroots accused Black Lives Matters Global Network Foundation Inc. of raising donations off the work of city-based chapters and subsequently leaving activists out of decision-making.

    BLM Grassroots is comprised of two dozen BLM chapters across the country, who argued that they were entitled to tens of millions of dollars from the national foundation.

    However, the case was thrown out by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge last year after the activists failed to prove they were entitled to the funds among other unsubstantiated claims.

    Abdullah said the group was ‘stunned and dismayed’ by the court’s dismissal order.

    ‘As always, the work of Black Lives Matter continues, regardless of the court ruling,’ she vowed in a statement.

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    Zelensky: 31,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed Since Russia Invaded



    President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed since Russia’s full-scale invasion two years ago, giving the first official figure for more than a year.

    Zelensky told a news conference in Kyiv that he could not disclose the number of wounded because it would help Russian military planning.

    “31,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in this war. Not 300,000, not 150,000 … (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is lying there … But nevertheless, this is a big loss for us.”

    Ukraine has not put a number to its military losses since the end of 2022, when presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak said 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed since the invasion on Feb. 24.

    Battlefield casualties are a highly sensitive subject in a country trying to reform how it mobilises civilians into the army to regenerate its forces after last year’s counteroffensive proved unable to break through Russian lines.

    A New York Times report in August cited U.S. officials as putting the Ukrainian death toll at close to 70,000. The same report said as many as 120,000 Russian troops had died during the war.

    Zelensky told reporters that 180,000 Russians had been killed in the fighting.

    Russia does not disclose military losses, which it regards as secret. Both sides regularly describe the other’s military losses as vast.

    The Ukrainian leader also said that tens of thousands of civilians had been killed in the occupied areas of the country during the war. Kyiv says it cannot accurately assess the scale of such losses because it does not have access.

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    Homeless Man Busted Excavating for Gold in Park Returns to Build Cabin with Fireplace, Washing Machine



    A Seattle homeless man built a “ticking timebomb” cabin — featuring a washing machine and a treadmill — at a public park months after he allegedly stole an excavator to tear up part of the site in his pursuit of gold.

    Steven Irwin, 41, claimed he had permission to build the structure in Dr. Jose Rizal Park, despite the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department recently paying $15,000 to repair the damage Irwin had done when he illegally dug up the land in Oct. 2023, according to KOMO News.

    Irwin was arrested for the rogue construction and charged with theft of a motor vehicle only to reclaim the space with some interesting upgrades.

    The illegal cabin now features fireplaces, propane heaters, a washing machine, multiple generators, and a treadmill.

    “He is digging into the slopes, building structures, tearing down trees, undoing thousands of dollars in repairs,” Andrea Suarez of We Heart Seattle, a homeless outreach group that has offered assistance to Irwin, told the outlet Friday.

    “There’s also a risk for him being in that environment. There are smells of kerosene, propane, and gasoline – there are three different forms of fuel down here, wires everywhere,” Suarez shared — adding the spot is “a ticking timebomb.”

    Irwin’s cabin goes beyond wanting just a cozy place in the park, Suarez explained.

    “He’s dreaming up that this is a gold mine, that he’s mining for diamonds, and that he is going to find gold and strike it rich,” Suarez said.

    In October, Irwin was busted after multiple 911 calls flooded in from concerned neighbors about destruction at Dr. Jose Rizal Park — which is about 3 miles away from the iconic Seattle Space Needle.

    “He was driving a little crazy with this heavy piece of machinery,” said park steward and volunteer Genevieve Courtney last year, who just happened to come across Irwin while he dug up the land.

    He would later admit to police that he cleared the space for his cabin with the excavator, still holding strong to his belief he had permission to change the face of the land for his cabin.

    Since his release and return to his encampment, Irwin has been using power and hand tools to clear away areas in the park, according to the outlet.

    The danger of the situation has also dawned on neighbors living near the park, who have tried tirelessly to get the city’s attention on the issue.

    “This guy is just getting away with it, and I don’t understand that. We are absolutely frustrated. We need some civility here, we need police action,” Brian Hartman told the outlet.

    Suarez, who wants the situation resolved due to the potential danger Irwin may unintentionally inflict on himself and others, says the homeless man has no plans to stop his building.

    However, she said that could only be achieved if the city steps up to the plate and enforces the law.

    “This is a call to action by law enforcement and Seattle Parks and Recreation to do something,” Suarez told the outlet.

    “I’ve even offered to pay for his first six months of housing, and he said, ‘That’s great. I’m still going to keep my cabin in the woods.”

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    Trump Wins South Carolina, Beating Nikki Haley in Her Home State



    Former President Trump won an emphatic victory in the South Carolina primary Saturday, vanquishing rival Nikki Haley in her home state.

    The race was called for Trump within moments of polls closing at 7 p.m. EST. With 83 percent of returns in just before 10 p.m., the GOP front-runner’s margin of victory stood at 21 points

    The Michigan primary is next up Tuesday — and then March 5 brings Super Tuesday, when more than a dozen states vote.

    Trump’s landslide puts him on a glide path to nomination.

    Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee

    The former president is 4-for-4 in primary contests so far. Here, in South Carolina, he hammered Haley in the state where she twice won election as governor.

    At Trump’s victory speech in Columbia, the degree to which the state’s GOP establishment had rowed in behind him was clear. Sens. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) both spoke briefly on his behalf, as did Gov. Henry McMaster (R).

    Haley spoke to a smaller crowd in Charleston, alone on the stage.

    She continues to press the case that Trump is unelectable in November. But there is no real reason to believe her argument will gain traction with GOP voters elsewhere when it has failed to do so here.

    That’s not necessarily a failing of the former governor’s, but simply reflects that the GOP base remains enamored of Trump.

    In every state so far, the former president’s margin of victory has been in double digits.

    The battle for the nomination is all over, bar the shouting.

    Haley isn’t quitting

    Speaking at her election night party in Charleston, Haley reiterated that she is fighting on, saying, “I’m grateful that today is not the end of our story.” Though she congratulated Trump on his victory, she said she does not believe he can defeat Biden.

    “Today, in South Carolina, we’re getting around 40% of the vote,” she said, adding, “I’m an accountant. I know 40% is not 50%. But I also know 40% is not some tiny group. There are huge numbers of voters in our Republican primaries who are saying they want an alternative.”

    “I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run for president,” she continued. “I’m a woman of my word.”

    In a speech on Tuesday outlining why she planned to stay in the race regardless of results in the Palmetto State, Haley called Trump “a disaster” for the GOP who is “more unstable and unhinged” than when he first ran, adding she feels “no need to kiss the ring.”

    “And I have no fear of Trump’s retribution,” she said. “I’m not looking for anything from him.”

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    CPAC Straw Poll Results: Who Should Be Trump’s VP Pick?



    South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy were tied for first place as Republican grassroot activists’ preference for former President Trump’s vice presidential pick.

    Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gave Noem and Ramaswamy 15 percent each when asked whom they believed Trump should pick as his running mate for 2024.

    Both have been floated as potential picks for Trump.

    The former president, the front-runner in the GOP race, confirmed earlier this week that all of those on a rumored shortlist of candidates were “all solid.”

    In Saturday’s straw poll, former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard came in second at 9 percent, followed by House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) at 8 percent.

    Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) notched 7 percent, Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake received 6 percent, while former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) each got 5 percent.

    Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson, independent presidential candidate Robert K. Kennedy Jr., Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley each got less than 5 percent.

    Though the CPAC straw poll is likely to have little weight on which running mate Trump chooses, the poll’s results are likely to increase buzz around the first-place finishers.

    Noem, Stefanik and Vance have been among the most prominent Republican politicians who were at CPAC and have been floated as potential running mates for the former president.

    Scott is in South Carolina ahead of the state’s GOP primary, where Trump is expected to trounce Haley in her home state. The former president is 30 points ahead, according to the polling index from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ.

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    Wife of Migrant Who Murdered Nurse Student Speaks Out



    The illegal immigrant arrested for killing a Georgia nursing student crossed the border in Texas Sept. 8 last year and was sent to a processing facility there, but was quickly released before being put on a bus to New York City, where he was later busted and set free again, his wife told The Post.

    Jose Antonio Ibarra and wife Layling Franco of Venezuela entered El Paso together with her 5-year-old son, she said.

    The family was then sent to the Big Apple Sept. 15, where Ibarra posted smiling, carefree pictures of himself on social media in Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

    Ibarra, 26, was working for DoorDash, Uber Eats and a local restaurant when he was arrested in August for endangering the welfare of a child, after he was caught in Queens riding a gas-powered moped with Franco’s son on the back, without any head protection or restraint for the child, according to police sources.

    The case was later sealed.

    By November, the couple split up. Jose then went to Georgia to live with his brother Diego, who social media shows once worked at the University of Georgia.

    The body of Laken Riley, an Augusta University student who once attended UGA, was found Thursday in a forested part of the UGA campus after she had gone for a run.

    Ibarra was arrested and charged Friday with malice and felony murder, aggravated battery, kidnapping, concealing the death of another and other charges in the killing of in the death of the 22-year-old.

    Police down south called the case a “crime of opportunity.”

    “Yesterday when [Jose] was arrested, my brother-in-law called me early to say he’d been arrested,” Franco, 23, told The Post, adding she’s now seeing the news of the crime “everywhere.”

    Jose, who was from the state of Miranda in their homeland, had briefly returned to New York in December for immigration court, a 32-year-old relative said.

    “Yesterday when we found out about what happened, and about Jose, it went over really badly, because it seemed like that girl was really ahead of things,” the relative said of the victim.

    He was a calm person, Franco claimed.

    “We got married so we could join our asylum cases,” she told The Post. “He was the person I thought I could see through. We’ve known each other our entire lives.

    “He wasn’t aggressive, none of that,” she said. “We had problems as a couple but our problems weren’t physical. We wouldn’t punch but we’d raise our voices.

    He left New York “because he wanted to get a better job in Georgia.”

    She said she and her son were in the El Paso facility for five days before they made the journey to New York.

    “I want to talk to [Jose],” she said. “I have a lot of faith that this wasn’t him, that there was a misunderstanding somewhere. But if he did, he has to pay for what he did, truly.”

    Ibarra’s brother, who was arrested for drunken driving in Georgia in September, was nabbed this week for presenting a fake green card to police as they questioned suspects in Riley’s death, according to federal prosecutors in the Peach State.

    He used the illicit green card two weeks ago to secure a temporary position as a dishwasher at the University of Georgia, the school told The Post in a statement.

    Diego Ibarra failed to provide further documentation and has since been fired, the school said.

    The brothers appeared to be prolific on TikTok and Facebook, where they had multiple accounts, some under different names.

    Ibarra appeared to share photos of himself with a handful of others — including a few romantic posts with an unidentified woman. His last TikTok post was a soundless selfie video just two days before his arrest — and one day before Riley vanished during her morning jog.

    “Killer parasite,” one person wrote before the accounts started being taken down Saturday. “Death penalty for you,” another commenter ranted.

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    WATCH: Taylor Lorenz Sits Down with LibsofTikTok



    Washington Post technology and online culture columnist and chief woketeer Taylor Lorenz published a 53-minute interview with 2023 MRC Bulldog Award winner Chaya Raichik—A.K.A. Libs of TikTok—to her YouTube account on Saturday, where she compared a woman getting a nose job to getting her breasts cut off under the rationale that she’s really a boy and admitted she’s unfamiliar with the sexually explicit books Raichik is trying to “ban” from schools, among several other things.

    At the 3:30 mark, a mask-clad Lorenz asks Raichik if she is responsible for the hateful comments that get posted in response to her Twitter posts, “I know you have a very conservative fan base, and in your comments sometimes, you’ll see a lot of commentary about, sort of, the Great Replacement Theory. What are your thoughts—what are your thoughts on that?”

    Raichik answered Lorenz’s question with a question of her own, “What are your thoughts on the comments on your post telling me to kill myself?”

    Lorenz said such comments were horrible, but didn’t seem to get that Raichick was trying to get Lorenz to apply her own standard to herself, “So are you saying that, like, somebody posts something then attacks follow, that person should answer for those attacks?”

    Raichik replied, “No, that’s not what I’m saying. People like you tell me that all the time, so I’m just asking you if you think the same thing.

    About a minute later, the conversation shifted to how gender ideology affects minors and the physical procedures that are done in the name of affirming their identity. After Raichik asked “So a kid should be able to cut off their breasts if they think they’re boys,” Lorenz claimed, “My feeling is that I believe in personal liberty. I grew up in a town where a lot of people, for their middle school graduation, women got nose jobs. I know someone who got a boob job at age 14, and I guess I struggle to understand the criticism when there’s certainly no criticism of that sort of thing.”

    Correctly not seeing the two as the same, Raichik asked, “So, you’re comparing a boy being allowed to chop off his penis to a teenage girl getting a nose job?” Lorenz doubted such things actually happen, but Raichik claimed that she has been told directly by hospitals that they do perform hysterectomies for 16-year olds. As an aside, even PolitiFact was forced to admit that there have been cases of 14-year olds receiving so-called masculinizing chest surgery.

    Later, at 29:02, Lorenz returned to the idea, “I mean, women ascribe to certain gender things. You see women getting boob jobs to affirm their gender. I mean, we’re in Los Angeles, you see this kind of gender—” Raichik, again replied, “So, again, you’re comparing boob jobs and nose jobs to people buying into the lie that they could change their sex?”

    At 8:50 on the subject of books, Lorenz asked, “I was just curious, how many have you read?” Raichik replied that she’s read Gender Queer, This Book is Gay, Flamer, My Shadow is Pink, It Feels Good to be Yourself, and “so many more.”

    Several minutes later, at the 44:25 mark, Lorenz could not say the same, “I have not read those books, so I don’t know, but I do think that it’s important to educate kids about sexuality.”

    At one point, Raichik showed both Lorenz and the camera the oral sex cartoons in question, to which Lorenz claimed that context matters and Raichik countered that there is no context in which such images are appropriate to show children.

    Back at 26:25, Lorenz was wondering what Raichik has against transgenders. If transitioning makes people happy, what’s the big deal, she wondered. She also wondered, “What would happen to them?” if Raichik succeeded in her mission against transgender ideology.

    For Raichik, it is a matter of truth, “First of all, the whole trans—it’s based on a lie. You can’t change—you can’t change your gender.”

    As someone who writes for the paper that claims democracy dies in darkness, Lorenz should know that truth, for its own sake, matters. No matter how many times Lorenz claims that chopping off a young girl’s breasts is the same as a nose job is the same thing, it will never be true.

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